A New Day on the Jersey Shore

By   •   May 25, 2011

A new day dawned on the Jersey Shore this weekend as evangelist Will Graham presented the good news of Jesus Christ to audiences totaling more than 13,000 over three days.

More than 800 people responded to Graham’s invitation to make a decision for Jesus during the Jersey Shore Will Graham Celebration, May 20-22. Check out some of the stories from the Jersey Shore:

‘History in the Making’
At the start of the Jersey Shore Celebration on Friday night, artist Matthew West, whose popular song “History” is a concert staple, prayed that the weekend would be “history in the making.” Lives indeed were changed during the May 20-22 event that featured Gospel messages by Will Graham, and music from Matthew West, FLAME, the Newsboys and Chasen.
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Rain Shower Brings God’s Reign
When 42-year-old Darlene got the call from her aunt that her mother was terminally ill, she hopped in her car and rushed from upstate New York to the Jersey Shore. It had been years since the two had spoken, but Darlene was ready to make amends to her mother. Darlene is one of more than 3,000 people who came to the Jersey Shore Will Graham Celebration Friday. From the opening moments to the final prayer, lives were changed.
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Will Graham on Prayer and End Times
We caught up with Will Graham Sunday morning to talk about the final service today at the Jersey Shore Celebration–how people can pray, and how the end times controversy has impacted the weekend.
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Will Graham Celebration Bears Early Fruit
Jennelle and Gina are both excited to head to the Jersey Shore Will Graham Celebration in Ocean Grove, N.J., this weekend–for different reasons. The two students at Monmouth University are among 3,000 who attended the Christian Life and Witness Course (CLWC), a long-time staple of Billy Graham’s Crusades, Franklin Graham’s Festivals and now Will Graham’s Celebrations.
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Praying for Revival on the Jersey Shore
During the May 20-22 Jersey Shore Celebration, Will Graham said he hopes to tap into its legacy of revival. The north shore of New Jersey is basically a center piece of American history, said Graham. “Every great revival that took place in our county–for the most part–came through the north shores of New Jersey.”
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