10 Quotes from Billy Graham On Patriotism

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In many ways, Billy Graham belonged to the whole world. But “God’s Ambassador” always had a special place in his heart for his home country, the United States, where he lived for all 99 years of his life. Here are some quotes on the topic of patriotism from a man who honored our country well.

“The freedoms we enjoy, the freedoms we take so much for granted, the freedoms we so often trifle with were bought not by the gold of our millionaires, nor altogether the genius of our scientists, nor the sacrifices of the people at home, but primarily by the blood, sweat and agony of those whose names on this day we honor—those who died that we might live!”

“Yes the bells of liberty ring in America today because these men we honor today got through for us. The sacred memory of their sacrifice will always live in our hearts, and we have a sacred and holy trust—and we cannot fail them!”

“Those men, and thousands of others in all the wars that America has fought, purchased by their blood the freedoms that we enjoy today in ‘the land of the free, and the home of the brave.’”

“I’m asking Americans today, especially our young people, to pursue this vision unto God, to work for freedom and for peace. It’ll not be easy. The journey will be hard. The day will be long. The obstacles will be many.”

“The Bible says: Honor the nation. As a Christian, or as a Jew, or as an atheist, we have a responsibility to an America that has always stood for liberty, protection and opportunity.”

“No nation is ever taller than when on its knees. I submit that we can best honor America by rededicating ourselves to God and the American dream.”

“The Bible tells us that God has a standard for men and nations and that His standard must be met. It is right and proper to honor our country, to rejoice in her liberties and to sing her praise. But this can be abused when we make it a substitute for God. We honor America but we do not worship her.”

“I say to you today, pursue the vision, reach toward the goal, fulfill the American dream. And as you move to do it, ‘Never give in! Never give in! Never! Never! Never! Never!’”

“The men who signed the Declaration of Independence were moved by a magnificent dream. This dream was rooted in a book called the Bible. It proclaimed freedoms which most of the world thought impossible of fulfillment.”

“I wept more in Korea than in all the past several years put together. These experiences changed my life. I could never be quite the same again. … I felt sadder, older. I felt as though I had gone in a boy and come out a man.”