Billy Graham Chaplains Offer Care After Oregon Flooding

By Earl Davidson   •   February 21, 2020

Billy Graham chaplains are ministering in Pendleton, Oregon, after the area was heavily flooded in mid-February.
Heavy rain and snowmelt from the Blue Mountains caused hundreds of homes and cars in Pendleton to flood.
Residents not only need physical help with cleanup after a disaster, but sometimes emotional and spiritual care as well. That's why the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (RRT) is available for ministry opportunities.
The Mobile Ministry Center (MMC) is often brought on these trips as a home base where people can gather for prayer and conversation with chaplains.
After one homeowner talked about faith with chaplains and prayed to receive Christ, he said, “Come back tomorrow so my wife can hear this.”
One resident was rescued by helicopter from his roof. Meeting with chaplains later, he shared about hurtful issues within his family. He also talked about taking long walks and seeing God through His creation. After looking at the booklet, Steps to Peace with God, he eagerly prayed to begin a relationship with Jesus.
“Our hearts go out to people who have lost so much, and especially the family who is mourning the loss of life,” said Josh Holland, assistant director of the RRT. Will you pray for this family who lost a loved one in the flood and for those who are now without homes, jobs and possessions?