Rapid Response Team Available to Oregon Community After Severe Flooding

By   •   February 15, 2020

Billy Graham chaplains are in Pendleton, Oregon, following recent heavy flooding. Here, a woman watches as water floods her home in Thorn Hollow, near Adams, Oregon. (Ben Lonergan/East Oregonian via AP)

The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (RRT) is in Pendleton, Oregon, alongside Samaritan’s Purse after severe flooding.

Heavy rainfall and melting snow resulted in rushing floodwaters that caused one fatality and some residents to evacuate by helicopter. Hundreds of homes flooded as a large portion of the area went underwater.

Located in the northeastern part of the state, the historic farming and ranch town has faced flooding for more than a century, but the recent crisis was said to be the worst in decades. The geography of the Umatilla River running through Pendleton—along with steep hills surrounding it—makes the beautiful countryside a central spot for floods.

“Our hearts go out to people who have lost so much, and especially the family who is mourning the loss of life,” said Josh Holland, assistant director of the RRT.

A team of approximately six crisis-trained chaplains are ministering in the area. They’re offering emotional and spiritual care to those who have lost homes, possessions, animals and jobs through the flood. In addition, the team’s Mobile Ministry Center (MMC), a vehicle that serves as a safe haven for conversations, is available for locals to visit.

Just two years ago, Franklin Graham spoke in three cities in Oregon for his Decision America Pacific Northwest Tour, a series of one-day evangelistic events across California, Oregon and Washington.

“Our prayers and thoughts are with the community, and we are blessed to be able to provide chaplains to listen and pray and talk to those whose lives have been changed as a result of this flooding,” Holland said.

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