What does Merry Mean?

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When at this season of the year we wish our friends a “Merry Christmas,” it is essential to realize that true merriment of heart is contingent upon the recognition of the truth that Christ was born in Bethlehem for our salvation. The word “merry” is from an old Anglo-Saxon word which sometimes meant “famous,” “illustrious,” “great,” or “mighty.” Originally, to be merry did not imply to be merely mirthful, but strong and gallant. It was in this sense that gallant soldiers were called “merry men.” Favorable weather was called “merry weather.” Brisk winds were called a “merry gale.” Spenser speaks of London as “merry London.” The word “merry” carries with it the double thought of “might” and “mirth,” and is used both ways in Scripture. One of the early Christmas carols was “God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen.” The Christian is to engage in spiritual merriment as he thinks upon the fact that, through the redemption, he becomes a child of God’s family. The Bible teaches that the angels made merry at Christ’s birth.

Be encouraged as you listen to this story of unexplainable joy.

Prayer for the day

This Christmas my heart is indeed merry when I think of Your birth, dear Lord. I rejoice with the angels and praise Your holy name!

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  1. Isaac ABC Ayeni says:

    Merry Christmas to the BGEA. Cheer!

  2. ladyliezl says:

    What a wonderful truth, b
    lessed to know thank you

  3. Jennie P says:

    Merry christmas

  4. Julia Elisabeth Brabbins says:

    We have so much to be merry about! Thank you Lord Jesus for taking my place on that cross. You didn’t deserve it, I did..

  5. Brent Parker says:

    this is a great word! I’m glad I read it! That said, I find it interesting that we fight so hard as the body of Christ to emphasis the “meaning of Christmas’, as the day we celebrate Jesus’ birth. I like that Billy Graham preaches the Gospel all yer long! This year I God revealed to me another side of Christmas that I wonder if he is more pleased in than even our decision to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It’s the merriness of our hearts. God is love. His word warns us against recognizing one day above another. That’s actually a legalistic mindset. While I believe he certainly LOVES ANYTIME we celebrate Jesus, on this day, I wonder if he is as or even more into just the merriness, than “the reason for the season”. After all it’s a pagan holiday that we as the church have adopted as the celebration of Jesus birth. God isn’t caught up in the holiday, as much as he is the merriness. Let us celebrate Jesus the other 364 days of the year as much as we do December 25th.

  6. Nery De Las Casas says:

    Merry Christmas to you all then. I left pastor Billy Graham in our God Almighty’s hands so He can keep using him the same way He is been doing it and give him the healing his health needs.

  7. Loretta hawkins says:

    This rest the notion that Merry Christmas is not right to say or as some say ‘not politically correct’…it is Biblically correct, all that matters:):)

  8. Joseph adonis adonai says:

    I am happy because the birth of christ is the begining of hope to humanity.

  9. Luzviminda S. Mahinay says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family !