We Cannot Out-Give God

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We are to be stewards of our money. When it is invested and shared for the glory of God, it can be a boon and a blessing. I know a businessman in Detroit, Michigan, who made a promise to God that he would tithe his entire income to the work of the Lord. He said his business had tripled, and that God had more than fulfilled His end of the bargain.

Some time ago I heard from a laborer in the San Joaquin Valley of California who said that he and his wife agreed to give one tenth of their income to the Lord. At the time they made their decision, he was able to get work only about seven months of the year. Now he says he has steady work, and is earning nearly twice what he was before. You cannot get around it; the Scripture promises material and spiritual benefits to the man who gives to God.

You cannot out-give God. I challenge you to try it and see.

Does God need my money? Billy Graham answers questions on giving.

Prayer for the day

Forgive me, Lord, for the times I have wanted to keep that which is rightfully Yours.

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  1. Evelyn Farmer says:

    That is such a powerful message, I know GOD always blesses me. I owe everything to him.

  2. Dottie jennings says:

    Thank you Mr Graham you have been a blessing to me this year I have been reading unto the hills. Daily devotional

  3. Claudia Fortson says:

    Blessed by God thankful

  4. Claudia Fortson says:

    Blessed by God

  5. ayuba ali says:

    you are blessing to us sir, may the good lord increase you in Jesus name amen.

  6. R. T. Roach says:

    Thank you

  7. Rebecca davis says:

    I know that I am supposed to tithe according to the bible. What happens when you have no extra money due to circumstances of which you have no control? I give what I can, but not ad much as I am supposed to. The house payment must be paid.

    1. Sandy says:

      I heard of a lady once that had no money in the budget to tithe, so she gave out of her food money. God then actually provided food for her in a miraculous way! Whatever part of your budget you sacrifice from, God will take care of you. It is a matter of trusting him. That’s what it’s all about.

    2. Ken Hicks says:

      Please consider giving 10 percent of your time if you find it too difficult to contribute financially. There are many people in need who would appreciate the time spent with them such as visiting the sick, transporting them to doctor appointments or grocery shopping trips, or even baking cookies for those in the military. There is always a contribution that can be made

    3. Rena says:

      The bible saids to give what you have set or decided in your heart to give not being compelled or reluctant for God loves a cheerful giver” 2 Cor. 9:7 Jesus said that the poor widow put in “more” than the rich which was “all she owned” Mark 12:41-44 it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a tenth the good Lord knows this; all you need to do is “seek you first his kingdom and his righteousness and then; all these things you need will be given to you” Matt. 6:33 God Bless

    4. Donna says:

      Rebecca, try this: Give to the Lord your tithe first. Then trust Him to supply the rest of what you need to pay the bills. You will be amazed that He will not fail you.

  8. Pat Turner says:

    I love to read everything Billy Graham writes. He truly represents Gods teaching. Thank you Billy for your inspirations

  9. Betty Smith says:

    I have been working my way up towards tything , .
    , so I am starting 2014 givingwhat God wants me to give …..joyfully 🙂

  10. Jill Lemons says:

    God is awesome, He may not always show us the big picture of what he has in store but if we follow Him, our journey will be an unforgettable and rewarding one. (Just follow and if it gets to rough let Him carry you.)