The Purity of Marriage

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Nowhere does the Bible teach that sex in itself is a sin. Man in his sinful nature has taken what was intended to be a glorious and complete act of love between two people and has made it something low, cheap, and dirty. The Bible is one of the world’s outspoken books on the subject of sex, and the Bible condemns sex outside the bonds of matrimony. The fact that immorality is rampant throughout the nation doesn’t make it right; the fact that some clergymen may condone it doesn’t make it right. The Bible says, “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man; but the end thereof are the ways of death” (Proverbs 16:25). Under Jewish law adultery was punishable by death. Under God’s law today it also results in spiritual death.

Read Billy Graham’s response when a young person asks, ‘Why shouldn’t I start having sex?

Prayer for the day

All around me, breaking Your laws is made so enticing, Father. Help me to keep my eyes on Jesus.

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  1. Daniel John says:

    I will appreciate devotional materials from you. Many thanks.

  2. Rick Wilson says:

    Matrimonial love is, indeed, pure, but in these, the end times, there are perhaps wiser things to do with one’s time and devotion.

  3. Pesirina Kiahd says:

    I have to keep reminding myself that my God knows me better and desires me come to Him on his terms, not on my terms.

  4. Gerry says:

    Thank you Judy , I too am blessed by the comments of others , made here daily. I consider it a privilege to be able to briefly express my views on various important issues that Billy so aptly discusses. My hope and prayer is that someone will be encouraged as well.

  5. daniel says:

    Thanks, i am glad your posts bless me every other day…


    Lord Jesus Christ make me and my family holy by your grace and for your glory

  7. Joyce Paul says:

    LORD JESUS alone can supply the Grace we need for each trial we face. God Richly Bless you n your Ministries! Amen. Pray for me!

  8. shaddy says:

    Keep it up man of GOD. continue to guide with God’s word. GOD have mercy on us n fill us with ur spirit to live according to ur word.

  9. Raj says:

    Lord, please help me to overcome my sinful thoughts and doings. I want to be faithful, honest and loyalty to my wife. Please teach your ways to fix my eyes on Jesus, who died for my sins on the cross,Amen!