The Prince of Peace

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To hate, to discriminate against those who look different, who talk different, who have different national backgrounds, or who act differently from the dominant group, is a universal trait of human nature. I say that there is only one possible solution and that is a vital experience with Christ on the part of all races. In Christ the middle wall of partition is broken down, the Bible says. There is no Jew or Gentile, or black or white or yellow or red. We could be one great brotherhood in Christ. However, until we come to recognize Him as the Prince of Peace, and receive His love in our hearts, the racial tensions will increase.

Prayer for the day

I pray for Your love, Lord Jesus, to conquer hate or prejudice—whenever these ugly transgressions seep into my heart.

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  1. adepeju robert James says:

    Let your love conquer hatred prejudice in my heart Lord Jesus Christ the prince of peace

  2. SARAH MUTONYI says:

    Its possible to say we love Christ but remain untransformed
    How do you behave when under pressure? Examine yourself. BILLY is an Icon and an example to the world

  3. Jody Boyer says:

    Thank you for rapid response .you are doing so much for racial relations,through our Lord Jesus Christ

  4. John says:

    Amen. Jesus loves all the children of the world. And so, we should also.

    Let us all, Lord, strive to share Jesus with all people and love them with a love that knows no bounds. Please heal our nation and the world oh Lord! Praise be to the Creator of the universe!

  5. Kelly Short says:

    Dear Lord, be born fresh and anew in my heart today. May I love all people even as You do. Thank you for this reminder of true love being from God. God bless you!

  6. ray nesmith says:


  7. Jack Miller says:

    Praise the Lord and all glory to God our Father. He is Father to all of us. We patiently await the return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ. Amen Amen.

  8. Gerry says:

    The world is changing rapidly. Unfortunately racial tension has never been higher, in these modern times. The reality is , every race on the planet has both good and evil people. Their ethnicity has little to do with it. If they know Christ personally……they are our brothers and sisters in the Lord . They deserve to be loved equally. Despite their country of origin.

  9. offor abraham says: