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Satan is at work in our world. The Bible is my authority. He exists and he has control over thousands of young people, whose hearts have never been captured by Jesus Christ. He has hundreds of agents writing pornographic literature and producing sex movies to pollute young minds. He has intellectuals in high positions teaching a hedonistic and permissive philosophy.

Daily I come in contact with mixed-up people who are caught in the anguish of their own unpreparedness, intellectuals who have been seduced by false science, and rich men who are held in the grip of insecurity. They have no commitment to any goal. They lack an anchor for their real selves. And I long to take every one of them by the hand and lead them into the presence of the One who said, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Is Satan real? Read Billy Graham’s answer.

Prayer for the day

So many are without You, Lord! Use me to lead others from a destructive course to the one which will give them the satisfaction that only You can give.

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  1. darren says:

    Do you believe that there are animals in heaven……I have lost 2 pets and heartbroken…. I just want to know if they are ok

    1. BGEA says:

      Hi Darren,
      We are so sorry for your loss. Billy Graham addressed this topic in one of his My Answer pieces. You can find his full answer here: He opens with this, which might be of comfort to you: “Heaven will be a place of perfect happiness for us — and if we need animals around us to make our happiness complete, then you can be sure God will have them there.”

  2. Lami Chiroma says:


  3. Gerry says:

    As this society becomes more high-tech ……Satan’s tactics evolve and become more deceptive than ever before , as time progresses. Believers we must become more and more vigilant, as temptations abound , in less obvious ways. We must not lose our focus by seeking God’s guidance daily. Wear his full armor, always. Do not count on your own strength and wisdom … God’s and Victory will be yours.

  4. Joyce Paul says:

    Father, give me a heart for my brothers and sisters in CHRIST. Please give us, a heart for one another, so that we will love and honor YOU in all we do. God Richly Bless U n Ur Ministries! Amen.

  5. Revd Peter OLAYINKA says:

    We must be equipped to speak and defend our faith in Christ.

  6. Diane Garland says:

    I am Thankful God for finding the Billy Graham website!! I feel my faith is growing so much stronger, and my heart is filled with Joy!! This is where I need to be and I am going to follow in my heart the path of righteousness and apply it to my life and share, pray, and keep on listening to our Father to put me where im needed, thank you God in Jesus name I pray AMEN!!!!!

  7. Kailyn Sanderson says:

    Every time I just sit and listen to Jesus speak through Billy Graham, I feel the Lord with open arms calling out my name. Just to run into the Father’s arms…being forgiven and loved with a love that doesn’t end. Thanks for this website!

  8. Gerry says:

    Wear the full Armor of God , daily, Satan can appear as an angel of light. Be on guard.always. He is the ultimate deceiver.

  9. Michael says:

    I see every year as my own family draws even closer to the lord and i am so grateful to you God for this but still all need our prayers as the world tries to lead them astray GOD you are awesome and I love you .