Root of Sin

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The basic problem facing our world is not just social inequity, or lack of education, or even physical hunger. We are finding that highly educated and well-fed people have greeds, hates, passions, and lusts that are not eliminated by education. The root of sin in each of our hearts is extremely deep, and this is the basic cause of the world’s problems; only the fire of the Lord can burn it out. This is precisely what Christ came to do. He didn’t come to treat symptoms. He came to get at the very heart of man’s disease.

What exactly is sin? Learn more.

Prayer for the day

Father, root out the sin in my life—the shortcomings that are there—and fill me with Your love, so I may fight against the evil present in the world today.

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  1. Paulus says:

    I have no money to give i need the Heavenly Father to step into my heart and fill it with love and burn out the world’s sins and sufferings out of my heart and mind in Jesus name Amen

    1. BGEA says:

      Please consider visiting where you can talk and pray with a member of our team online. Just click on the chat icon. God bless you!

  2. Amy Bradford Cutts says:

    Please Lord continue to work in my life. I thank You for my many blessings.

  3. Sarah Mcgonigal says:

    I have no money. I am a true child of CHRIST, my heart is breaking, my sister has cancer. your prayers are needed.

    1. Billy Ledford says:

      Sis I’m praying for you, have Faith, and believe God’s promises.

  4. Chris says:

    My younger sister is sick, and dying. I need to be strong for her and not lose faith.

  5. Renee Harrison says:

    Need BEGA ministry update

  6. Sarah Sorrell says:

    I have no money but love Jesus, please help me be a BETTER Christian

  7. irewole femi says:

    I like this site..hopefully is going to be helpful on my spiritual growth

    1. Billy Ledford says:

      Oh, this site is awesome brother, it’s helping grow more spiritual as well. Everyone who has downloaded this app will find the Lord’s promises are so true, I’m praying for all my brothers and sisters, believe and have Faith, there is an answer for all of us in God’s word.

  8. ladonna Hudson says: