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Some people have received Christ but have never reached spiritual maturity. They have been in church all their lives, and yet they have never become mature Christians. They are still considered “spiritual children” and “babes in Christ.” They know little Scripture. They have little desire to pray, and bear few of the marks of a Christian in their daily living. To say, “I will resolve to do better, I will muster all my will power and revise my way of living,” is noble, but futile. A corpse could as well say, “I will-through sheer effort-rise out of this coffin and be a living man again.” You need a power outside yourself. You cannot get over the habits and chains that are binding you. You need outside help. You need Christ.

The Bible tells of a bridge of faith which reaches from the valley of despair to the high hills of glorious hope in Christ. It tells where we are, but beyond that-it tells where we may be in Christ. Now, of course, you will not be completely mature until you are in the presence of Christ, but you should be growing every day as a Christian.

Read Billy Graham’s message about growing and maturing in your faith.

Prayer for the day

Lord, work through me this day, that I might be maturing as a Christian and come to know You better, that I might know Your perfect will for me.

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  1. Jade says:


  2. Mohamed Gadwah says:

    Thank you for the Word. God Bless

  3. Vickie Elliott says:

    So thankful I for my Grandmother rest her soul. She introduced me to Billy Graham as a child. I have so much respect for him. I love to hear him preach. I believe in Christ because of him. Thank you God for sending him to us. Amen.

  4. Robert says:

    I want to be a mature Christian

  5. derek stevenson says:

    How blessed to have such a annointed man of god as Mr Graham is thank you lord for him

  6. cipriano martinez jr says:

    what a real blessing to have man like billy graham who give of themselves to GOD and and return share what GOD gives them

  7. Maria Valdez says:

    I feel like am still a baby in christ cuz I learn something new everyday thks

  8. edward makoni says:

    Thank you for the wonderfull word Amen

  9. Donna Haworth says:

    Respect Billy Graham so much! Appreciate the daily posts and find them so helpful and encouraging in my walk! I fall so short of where I should be. Thanks to Billy Graham for sharing God’s Word and his influence! He remains in my thoughts and prayers!

  10. Janice Tiner says:

    My husband, Wayne Tiner, died nearly 4 yrs. ago. We were both Christians, had grown up in Christian homes, went to Christian universities. We had the wonderful opportunities to go on mission trips to the Navaho Nation with our church. Unfortunately, I still cannot “get a grip” on his death. I am living with our daughter & her husband. They are wonderful Christians. I have had the joy of going on another mission trip to Louisiana, am active in my church, but went to bed and got up in grief. This e-mail from you was God’s help for me today. Thank you for the blessing I needed today.

    1. Max says:

      God bless you Janice Tiner. Take consolation that this separation is only temporary. Soon you will be together with Jesus.