Hope Beyond Death

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We don’t like to talk about death; it’s the forbidden subject of our generation. Yet it’s real for all of us. Sometimes on television I see motion pictures featuring actors who are no longer living. They seem very much alive in the picture, but they are dead. Some of them were my personal friends. Death is real, and when we die, that is a battle we have to fight all alone. Nobody can be with us in that hour, but David said he had found an answer that would take the fear of death away. David said that there is an answer to death, there is a hope beyond death. That hope is centered in the risen Christ. Paul wrote that to be “absent from the body” is to be “present with the Lord.” So the fear of death is removed.

Prayer for the day

Lord Jesus, with complete trust I look toward that day when my soul will be with You for eternity.

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  1. Holdette says:

    I really like Billy Graham daily devotional

  2. Holdette says:

    Love the power verses

  3. Charina Mendoza says:

    I would like to receive daily devotion

  4. Eric Mosheh says:

    I really admire Billy Graham for I believe that God has gifted me with the Evangelism gift. One of my dreams is to meet Billy Graham in person (though we are far apart), kneel before him and request him to lay his hands on me for the anointing of Great work. Shalom

  5. Belinda Ketterling says:

    My wonderful husband is in the heaven above. I know I will be with him again.


    My husband of 41yrs went to be with our Lord. At times the pain is so real, deep within my chest, missing him. But I know my redeemer lives and so does Chuck. My prayer now is that our Lord thru His Holy Spirit will help me to continue to praise HIM, confess His promises, since I often do not “feel” His presence, and struggle to resist doubt.

  7. Isaac Simmonds says:

    Yes but our hope is not a platonic disembodied life in the clouds. Our hope is resurrection from the dead. A restored body in the new creation. Hallelujah!

  8. Donna Schrader says:

    Some people try to comfort themselves by saying their loved one is now an angel. Where do they get that idea? And they are watching us from heaven. So sad

  9. Stephen... says:

    I get shamed, when I express….fear.. from other Believer’s….. Which isn’t right…