He Is Merciful

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Man sits looking out into water

Many people want to hear what God says just out of curiosity. They want to analyze and dissect it in their own test tubes. To these people, God may remain the great cosmic silence “out there somewhere.” He communicates to those who are willing to hear and receive Him, and willing to obey Him.

Jesus said that we must become humble as little children, and God has most often revealed Himself to the meek and the humble—to a shepherd boy like David, to a rough desert man like John the Baptist, to shepherds watching their flocks, to a girl named Mary. How does God speak? How can a blind man see? How can a deaf man hear?

From the beginning God spoke to man. Adam heard the voice of the Lord in the Garden of Eden. Adam had two sons, Cain and Abel, and God spoke to them. Cain spurned that which was revealed to him, but Abel was obedient to the Word of God. Abel’s response showed that a man tainted and handicapped by sin could respond to God’s overtures. Thus, in the beginning, God began by revelation to build a bridge between Himself and people.

Listen to this 1-minute message about showing mercy.

Is God more like a stern judge or a merciful father? Read Billy Graham’s answer.


Prayer for the day

How merciful You are, almighty God. I seek to show this same mercy.

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  1. beverly says:

    I am constantly amazed how the Lord speaks to us. He is so great,and I am humbled.

  2. Laura Speer says:

    Praise GOD for His Mercy on all who choose to accept it.

  3. Barbara says:

    Am praying for this amazing gift of far-reaching awesome evangelism.
    In Jesus name.

  4. Gerry says:

    God’s Mercies are amazing. They are renewed every day. I deserve nothing, yet he showers me with kindness and love, continually. Thank you Holy God.

  5. Olga Healey says:

    My mother aways spoke these words “God is so merciful”. So blessed by being reminded of this.


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  7. Barbara Gettman says:

    The Prayer for the Day is not only a God encouraging way to start the day but encouraging for other readers of my timeline. Blessings to the BGEA

  8. Kim Gordon says:

    I need prayers. I’m in a large amount of business debt and am trying to find a way out. Pray that God gives me that way. The knowledge and the know how to be debt free once again. The stress of this debt is causing martial problems, depression, thoughts of suicide. Please pray.

    1. Kim Gordon says:

      I also want to say that I would never act on hurting myself but the thought had crossed my mind. I pray daily that God will show me the way. I need His intervention. I need His guidance.

    2. Guest says:

      You will get through this. You will look back at amazement that you did.

    3. Sandi says:

      Kim, I just saw your prayer request and immediately prayed for you. I too have had discouragements in business and my personal debt has seemed never ending, however, I am now a few months to being debt free other than a car loan. I pray that a year has made a big difference in your circumstances. Stay in God’s word and be encouraged.

    4. AGD says:

      Kim please know that you are not alone.
      I pray and wish for you the strength that God will give you to take this debt day by day and pull yourself and family out.
      It is an overwhelming feeling! Remember that any type of payment is better than no payment at all. Hopefully you will not need to file for bankruptcy and protect your credit. Know that your credit is always a perfect score with God.

    5. Caroline says:

      I believe many of us have been in the same circumstance. Talk to God alone and relay your frustrations. He will deliver an answer in his own time. These trials are a learning experience in which will make you a better and stronger you. Be patient and you will see his Glory.

  9. Daniel Lopez says:

    Thank you God for all that you give me

  10. Evelyn says:

    Please keep sending prayer and sscripture to me. Thankyou