He Hears Us

By   •   January 8


We are to pray in times of adversity, lest we become faithless and unbelieving. We are to pray in times of prosperity, lest we become boastful and proud. We are to pray in times of danger, lest we become fearful and doubting. We need to pray in times of security, lest we become self-sufficient. Sinners, pray to a merciful God for forgiveness. Christians, pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit upon a willful, evil, unrepentant world. Parents, pray that God may crown your home with grace and mercy. Children, pray for the salvation of your parents. Christians, saints of God, pray that the dew of heaven may fall on earth’s dry, thirsty ground, and that righteousness may cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

What is prayer, and how should you pray? Read More.

Prayer for the day

Let me pour everything out to You, Lord. Thank You for the knowledge that You hear me!

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  1. Joyce paul says:

    Prayer is the way we get in touch with God n the way we keep in touch with Him. We are meant to hv n to enjoy life in relationship with God. Praise God foq His LOVE! God Richly Bless U n Ur Ministries!

  2. carlton j. peters says:

    thank you lord for BGEA.

  3. Melody Reclusado says:

    Thank you for spreading the words of God, my daily food.

  4. Cheryl Hunter says:

    What a difference this man’s anointing made in my life when Iwas a teen in the 60s and 70s. Thank God for you obedience Billy Graham!

  5. Alessandra Lacerda says:

    Thank you!

  6. Raymond E. Wiseman says:

    I am a 23 yr vet. And god with a praying mom saved me through 2 wars. I admir Bro.Billy Gram He speaks the word of God w/ strong assurance.. Lv you Brother.

  7. Milly Phelon says:

    Each and every day we need you, Lord so each source is so welcome.

  8. Cher says:

    What a wonderful reminder! Pray without ceasing! Thank you God that you hear us!

  9. melai says:

    Lord, may this be the prayer of our heart.