The Endless Love of God

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Who can describe or measure the love of God? God is love. But the fact that God is love does not mean that everything is sweet, beautiful, and happy, and that God’s love could not possibly allow punishment for sin. God’s holiness demands that all sin be punished, but God’s love provided a plan of redemption and salvation for sinful man. God’s love provided the cross of Jesus Christ by which man can have forgiveness and cleansing. It was the love of God that sent Jesus Christ to the cross.

No matter what sin you have committed, no matter how black, dirty, shameful, or terrible it may be, God loves you. Yet this love of God that is immeasurable, unmistakable, and unending, this love of God that reaches to wherever a man is, can be entirely rejected. God will not force Himself upon anyone against his will. It is your part to believe. It is your part to receive. Nobody else can do it for you.

Prayer for the day

Your love overwhelms me, Father. In spite of my sin, Jesus' death on the cross can cleanse me from all the past. Humbly I accept this gift, Lord.

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  1. Lydia Mueller says:

    Thank you for posting the photos of Santa Fe rally. We planned to be there but my husband’s illness prevented the trip. We pray every night for these rallies and for the work of Samaritan’s Purse. Our country is blessed to have a man of God like Franklin. We will continue to pray.

  2. Beth says:

    Please pray for the physical pain my mom has every day in her body, May our creator
    The Lord Jesus give her relief and comfort
    And direct her to the relief of her pain.

  3. Marilyn Braun says:

    Easter is the Holiest Day of the year. Thank you for bringing the Word of God to so many people.

  4. Gerry says:

    Calvary was a clear and dramatic example of God’s love for mankind. It must’ve pained God terribly to see his Holy Son endure such horrific treatment . That type of love is difficult to fully comprehend . However Jesus was the only guiltless sacrifice acceptable to our Heavenly Father. There was no other. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Lord

  5. Joe says:

    Thank you Dear Lord for your love for me.

  6. Rick Wilson says:

    Soon, an event will occur, so catastrophic an event that the world’s people will cry out for a leader that can save them from this event. Here is truly the patience of the saints: proove the righteousness of your leaders, test their true faith in YHWH God, because if not, then YOU may also be mislead. When this event occurs, the world will look to Pope Francis for salvation! Come out of spiritual Babylon (confusion)!