Don’t Lose Sight

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We might as well face it, strife has even infiltrated our church life. It is true enough that the Church is now the Church militant. But, as such, its warfare ought to be that of dedication to revealed truth and divine holiness, and not intramural bickering and carnal disputes. We read in the second chapter of Luke that Joseph and Mary lost Jesus one day. Where did they lose Him? They lost Him in the most unlikely place in all the world-the Temple. I have seen many people lose Jesus right in the church. I have seen them lose Him in a dispute about who was to be choir director, who was to play the organ, who was to be an elder, or who was to be the minister. Yes, because we are human, though Christian, it is easy to lose sight of Jesus right in the temple!

Read Billy Graham’s answer on what to say to someone who had a bad church experience.

Prayer for the day

Don't let me lose sight of You, Lord, in the
complex logistics of everyday life.

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  1. Jack Miller says:

    All Glory to God this fine day! May there be Peace on Earth and goodwill between all peoples. Amen.

  2. Gerry says:

    We should remember that all churches everywhere are made up of a group of sinners. However if sincere , we are also trying to do our best to serve God and improve our sinful ways. When bickering begins within the church quickly turn to prayer and ask God for guidance and intervention.

  3. Joyce Paul says:

    Lord Jesus, Be The Center of my thoughts, desires n action, Control me n use me! God Bless us! Amen.

  4. daniel says:

    Help me not lose sight of you jesus

  5. Ed says:

    Amen. Keep focused on Jesus!

  6. Alex Duodu Odei says:

    wow..Thank God for such a revelation.we can lose Christ in the church.
    Father help me to stay focus so as not to lose sight of Christ.
    Thank you evangelist .

  7. Gerry says:

    As Believers we must stay focused on the goal . The goal is Christ. Trivial matters can lead to bigger problems if we let them. Ask him for guidance , every day.

  8. Joyce Paul says:

    God’s Word is full of loving warning to protect n preserve us. Obedience to God’s Word is the Christian’s Greatest Freedom! God Richly Bless Dr graham,Franklin Graham,Will Graham nBGEA! amen.

  9. Mary Lange says:

    I love Billy Graham my mother in law always listen to him and even went to see him several times she is no longer with us I know that she will see him some day in heaven.