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To walk in the Spirit is a challenging and inspiring exercise, for it combines activity with relaxation. To walk means to place one foot in front of the other. If you stop doing this, you are no longer walking-you are standing still. Walking always implies movement, progress, and direction. Sin shall no longer rule or dominate you when you are allowing the Holy Spirit to live Christ’s life through you. It is living by faith, living by trust, living in dependence upon God.

If we look to our own resources, our own strength, or our own ability, as Peter did when he walked on the water, we will fail. You cannot live the Christian life by yourself. The Holy Spirit must live in you and express Himself through you. Living for Christ is a day-by-day experience. It is a continuous dependence upon the Spirit of God. It is believing in His faithfulness.

God is our help. Dig deeper in this Anne Graham Lotz Bible Study.

Prayer for the day

Lord, so often I have walked on my own instead of walking in Your Spirit. Guide my footsteps this day, I pray in Jesus' name.

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  1. Brandy Rios says:

    I pray for everyone today around the world too

  2. wats says:

    Hi thanks for being a blessing to me always i heard wittney husten was explaning billy graham calling when i heard two old hymmshe sang it brought me closer to God one day from college dr graham wote to his mom saying i don’t feel anything his mom reply we don’t live by feelings but by faith raise your hand and feel him so i raise my hand immediately and God touch me i felt him so strong that i cry in thanks and in praising to our great God it was awsome presance and touch of God that is hard to explain it was awoseme dr graham your mom told me to raise my hand and feel him and i did thanks i am in cloud nine i am sitting in darkneds for so long that i don’t feel anything today i felt him he touched me when i raised my hand thanks

  3. Jodi says:

    To walk in the Spirit is to love in the Spirit …which opens doors to a fulfilled life!

  4. jenith says:

    it’s an inspiring words that motivate us to have total dependence in the SPIRIT of GOD, which the believers find wisdom in every road that we
    must be take,the road that leads to life and eternity

  5. Myrna says:

    Wishing all of you a Happy Resurrection Day!

  6. Myrna says:

    Praise You, Jesus! He Is RISEN, Hallelujah

  7. Joy and Elaine says:


  8. Gerry says:

    To walk outside of God’s will without the aid of the Holy Spirit’s guidance is a sure recipe for disaster. On our own we are destined to fail. Seek God daily and try to stay the course.

  9. Joyce Paul says:

    To show HIS LOVE, JESUS died for us! to show our love, we live for HIM. amen.
    Wishing you a very HAPPY and BLESSED EASTER!!!

  10. Joy says: