Cure for Our Troubles

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Would it not be wonderful if we could find an absolute cure for the troubles of human nature? Suppose we could give a shot in the arm to the whole human race that would fill people with love instead of hate, with contentment instead of greed. Suppose, also, a cure could be found for the past mistakes, failures, and sins of mankind.

Suppose by some miracle all the past could be straightened out, all of life’s tangles could be unraveled, and the broken strings of life could be repaired. The most thrilling news in all the world is the fact that there is a cure! A medicine has been provided! The sin, confusion, and disillusionment of life can be replaced by righteousness, joy, contentment, and happiness. A peace can be imparted to the soul that is not dependent on outward circumstances.

Prayer for the day

In complete dependence upon You, Lord Jesus, let me relay Your message of love and peace to the desperately needy souls I meet.

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  1. Margareta Cronholm says:

    Thank you. Do you know, when I read my bible at 0600 in the morning, the Lord Jesus always makes me cry. I haven’t experienced this before. But every time He, Jesus makes me cry with joy and thanksgiving. This Christmas, God is acting on my behalf. I have always longed for this amazing love. Now, it is here. Praise the Lord for His mercy. I am reading your latest book “Where I am” and I can recommend the book. Happy New Year 2016!

  2. Loyola says:

    Please pray for our family that the Lord awakes my husband from the evil ones and that he comes back home with the Lord’s heart and Love.

  3. Ann Maze says:

    Have always loved BGEA ministries! I live in Evansville, IN and would love the opportunity to volunteer in some way! My neighbors are a pastor and wife who would love to help as well! What a privilege that would be! Thank you!

    1. BGEA says:

      You can get involved in the Decision America Tour with Franklin Graham. He will visit all 50 states next year to hold prayer rallies for our nation and urge Christians to boldly live out their faith. You and your neighbors can get more information here:
      —The BGEA Team

  4. Samuel Agbande says:

    It’s my belief that this year 2016 will be a turning point in your life in Jesus name. Say amen if you agree with me.

  5. Samuel says:

    God never abandoned those who put their trust in Him. He is a trustworthy God.

  6. Kathy says:

    Please pray for my hurting and rebellious son to come back to the Lord.

  7. Ann Piatt says:

    I pray Jesus does His will in all that Billy Graham or Franklin Graham does.

  8. Irasema Perez says:

    I’m asking for prayers for my father Angel who is in the hospital. We lost him twice and God gave him back to us. Please I’m asking for prayers; thank you❤️

  9. Paula Cline says:

    Please pray for me an my kids. The devil is trying to take me down but im stronger than that.