An Upside Down World

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We must get this fact firmly fixed in our minds: we live in an upside-down world. People hate when they should love, quarrel when they should be friendly, fight when they should be peaceful, wound when they should heal, steal when they should share, do wrong when they should do right. I once saw a toy clown with a weight in its head. No matter what position you put it in, it invariably assumed an upside-down position. Put it on its feet or on its side, and when you let go it flipped back on its head. Unregenerate people are just like that! Do what you may with them and they always revert to an upside-down position. That is why the disciples to the world were misfits. To an upside-down person, a right-side up person seems upside down. To a sinner, a righteous person is an oddity and an abnormality. A Christian’s goodness is a rebuke to the wicked; his being right-side up is a reflection upon the worldling’s inverted position.

Christians are called to be a light in the darkness. Here’s how you can set a good example for those around you.

Prayer for the day

Let me never compromise my stand for You, Lord Jesus, who gave Your sinless life for me.

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  1. Roy Whyles says:

    I live in GB thought BIlly Grahams ministries had a long time finished. Praise GOD for BGEA ministries still reaching the unsaved. Roy GB.

  2. Charlotte Henry says:

    I love this message. It certainly is right about upside-down people. There are a lot of them. All I can do is pray for them.

  3. King B. Johnson says:

    🙂 #Shalom #SaviorLove

  4. Gerry says:

    Isn’t it sad and unfortunate that when a believer wants to do good and help another, they are often viewed as weird or strange. Occasionally even ridiculed . The world is quickly heading in the wrong direction. However Christ remains firmly on the throne and he will empower you to do what is right always, if you seek him out first each and every day.

  5. Don L ROY says:

    I Pray that GOD will heal America!

  6. Adepeju Robert James says:

    Amen in Jesus Christ’s name. I’m blessed by today’s devotion. May God most high bless BGEA and Billy Graham’s family. In Jesus Christ’s name.

  7. Joyce paul says:

    FATHER GOD, You turned Jesus’ pain on the cross into the best gift ever. Deepen my faith that I may welcome Your life-changing love into my life. God richly bless you BGEA! Amen.