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If you are a young man or young woman hooked on dissent or despair, ready to split, then lend me your attention. My answer concerns your dreams, and the element in your make-up called “faith.” All that God requires of anyone in taking his first step toward Him and toward total self-fulfillment is faith—faith in His Word, that teaches that God loves you and that you were alienated from Him by sin, that Jesus Christ died on the cross for you, that when you make a personal surrender to Him as Lord and Savior, He can transform you from the inside out.

Are you ready for Jesus to transform your life? Start here.

Prayer for the day

Your Word, heavenly Father, brings me hope and redemption through Jesus Christ—thrusts through the despondencies of life and says You love me!

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  1. Mark C says:

    Looking at our circumstances, we despair. Looking at Jesus of Nazareth, we see the glory of God.
    Tough choice. Only Jesus can set men free.

  2. Simone Regina says:

    Thanks Gerry… wise words!

  3. Kevin Morrow says:


  4. Richard says:

    Gerry…………..Thanks for your post today. I needed that. Also thanks for your daily postings.

  5. Hopper says:

    It was faith that was missing in my life. I beleived in Jesus but lack the faith to beleive. Got hung up on the knowledge part but almost missed heaven by not having the faith to believe he could forgive my sins. I have learned if you dont know who you are in Christ you will never have the peace he gives.

  6. Leland says:

    Rev. Graham and the BGEA team; thank you so much for providing these daily devotions. I’m not one given to write comments on this page very often but please know what a blessing it is for me, and I’m sure many others, to know that these words of inspiration will be here everyday. We need them. I need them. So many times I feel as though they were written just for me. May God continue to richly bless you, your family, and the BGEA ministry just as you have blessed us all.

  7. Bob DeGraw says:

    Of all of the things in the world today that people place their faith, i say to them there is one place we all need to place our complete faith, and that is in our Savior Lord Jesus Christ. He is my rock, my compass, never lost when following Jesus.

  8. Gerry says:

    There are many who suffer from anxiety, depression and many other mental illnesses. Some feel life is not worth living. My prayer is that they would reach out to God in faith. He promises to stand beside you during these difficult seasons of life and help you through them.

  9. Nancy says:

    The prayer for the day touched me deeply and also gives me direction.