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My wife gets upset whenever she catches me reading a magazine or looking at something online that's mildly pornographic. But what's wrong with it? After all, God gave sex to us, didn't He?


Yes, God did give sex to us, and He meant for it to be a source of joy and blessing to us. And it can be – when we follow His guidelines for this important area of life.

What was God’s plan for sex? God’s plan was that His gift of sex would be a profound expression of the love and commitment that a husband and wife have for each other. It also was to be a symbol of their unity – a unity based on their commitment to each other and to God. In God’s plan, “a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24).

This is why God tells us that sexual relations outside of marriage are wrong, because they can’t fulfill His purposes. The problem is that we have forgotten God’s plan, and instead we have allowed sex to become something selfish and exploitive. That’s why I hope you’ll reconsider your attitude toward anything that mocks God’s attitude toward sex and marriage – including pornography. It may stimulate your senses – but it’s an insult to your wife, and a denial of your vow to be faithful to her as long as you both are alive.

The deeper question, however, is this: What place does God have in your life? Don’t let anything take His rightful place, but repent of your sins and commit your life – and your marriage – to Jesus Christ.

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  1. Sabrina says:

    It’s evil. It all starts with a thought then sin grows. Lust grows. No pornography. You need to be faithful in every way, not looking at anyone’s nakedness.

  2. miburo emmanuel says:

    To stay in prayer is the only way to remain in God’s laws

  3. Cathy says:

    Yes pornography leads sin

  4. Jacques Wibier says:

    Marriage is sacred. We were all made in the image of God. Why bring something into it, Marriage, that which is not sacred. I get the feeling you don’t see it so.

  5. Carlos Xicará says:

    Ok, i have had problems before with this matter, but now I have changed, I’m single yet, but when I will be married, I pray to God to be a God’s will husband.

    1. Uche says:

      You will be Carlos in Jesus name! I touch and agree with you for the same. With God all things are possible!

  6. Mary says:

    “…as long as you both are alive.” I’m 63 years old and divorced because of husbands that were unfaithful. A wonderful man who is born again as I am has come into my life and I need counsel. His wife had both stroke and dementia in her 50s. He provided the best of care at home and had regular visits for her at Pittsburgh’s best neurology clinic. Eight years ago she had to go into a nursing home because she was dangerous to herself and others. At this point, she has not recognition of family, no ability to comprehend anything, no ability to converse…just sits in a wheel chair where she is strapped in to avoid falls. Ron is painfully lonely and in need of that married relationship that God wants for us. Would that be adultery…really?

    1. Uche says:

      Mary you should allow others to minister to him. Do not allow his situation to cloud both of your judgement. As you stated you need to seek counsel from your church and guidance.

  7. Cheryl Meneely says:

    If a man is an alcohol and drug addict and his wife is in recovery for her own addictions, what should she do?

    1. Uche says:

      They need to seek counsel from your church and guidance. It is difficult for one to get well when the other is not. I pray God will make a way for them both.

  8. Suzzette says:


  9. Anthony Parron says:

    I pray everyday for God to bless my marriage. I want to be faithful to my wife, and find joy in her.

    1. Uche says:

      Anthony you will with God’s help. Remember how he made it possible for you, you have too much to lose, hold on in faith and God’s love. May God help you see your wife in so man beautiful ways each day different from the previous and more radiant!

  10. lynn says:

    My husband has an addiction to porn and I monitor everything he does reguarding the internet and banking account. I finally had enough and divorced him because the pain of rejection was too much to bare. I remarried him because I felt that is what God wants. However, the porn is still there and I feel hopeless and rejected. He tells me no wife should monitor their husband. He has also talked to 2 different women while being marriec to me. Should I not monitor him any more or fear him leaving ond day? I feel like giving up but we have 2 adopted kids and 1 miracle child on the way.

    1. Uche says:

      Lynn I sympathize with you. He needs godly men around him that can guide him and bring him to the realization what he is doing is wrong. I pray the Almighty God of Israel would deliver him in mind body and spirit and use him in a mighty way and be a blessing to you and the children. God bless you and keep you always be strong and courageous.

    2. Dee says:


      Happy Sunday!!!

      Don’t monitor your husband, you will on drive yourself crazy. Draw near to God love. Take your marriage before the Lord. Trust that God will move for you. He has the last word. Know matter what is going on in our life.

      Seek 1st the Kingdom, Matt. 6:33