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My parents never took me to church until I was almost a teenager, because they didn't think children could understand anything about God. But our 5-year-old keeps asking questions about God, and I'm wondering if they were right. Were they?


Just because a child can’t understand everything about God, doesn’t mean he or she can’t understand something. Remember: Jesus welcomed children and invited them to come to Him. He said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Mark 10:14).

After all, even a small child understands what love is—and who loves us more than God? A small child also understands what it means to trust others—and who is worthy of our trust more than God? In addition, small children know their parents love to hear them try to talk—and who loves to hear us talk to Him more than God? No wonder the Bible says that God is our Heavenly Father.

Be grateful for your child’s questions; ask God to help you answer them simply but truthfully. Often we want deep and profound answers to our questions—but children simply want to know that God is greater than we are, and even if we can’t see Him, He made us and He loves us. He proved His love for us by sending Jesus into the world so we could go to Heaven when we die.

Make church an important part of your family’s life; you’ll set an example for your son that will be with him the rest of his life. Most of all, make sure of your commitment to Christ, and make Him the center of your family’s life every day.

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  1. Laura Clark says:

    I am having a hard time for my daughter to take her children to church.

  2. Susan Ashcraft says:

    I absolutely believe that children should be at church and participate in all that they can understand. I have difficulty with parents who let their children call out and talk/whine or cry through the service because they think that’s their right. It’s so disconcerting and difficult to continue to refocus your attention on the sermon or prayers with so much noise going on. That’s why churches have nurseries.

  3. Fern Y Holt says:

    Happy New Year to Mr. Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, and all his family. God bless you always for teaching people and leading them to be saved and have eternal life. Love in Christ.

    1. Sagar gill says:

      Happy New Year to Billy Graham and Franklin Graham

  4. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been taking my grandsons to Grace Lutheran since they were a few weeks old… they are both baptized & know how to go to communion & they participate in the children’s message & Sunday school. The youngest boy Bennett is 3 & was “baby Jesus” his 1st Christmas! Jackson is 5 & inspires & is loved by the wonderful congregation!

  5. Sandra Hartman says:

    My great grandson lives with me and came at the age of 3 mos. At two 1/2 my Pastor asked him if he knew “The Bible” and sang it to him. My little one would ask me to sing it then and in about one month he went to our Pastor and sang it himself. He loves my Pastor because my Pastor loved him from the beginning and my little guy loves seeing him. I am 64 and told my Pastor when my little guy is 5 I need to turn him over to him just like Samuel. Because why else would God give a baby to and older lady. LOL We go to church and he and I alone and pray at the altar and he closes his eyes because he’s seen the congregation pray and started doing that. He has even gone up and kneeled at the alter by himself while church is going on. Thank you Jesus.

  6. Karen J. Raufeisen says:

    Children should be taken to church soon after they are born. Most are baptized within 2 months of age! My grandchildren were not taken to church, & are just now showing an interest in learning about Jesus at the age of 18’& 16. Lots of wasted years, they could have known their Lord! Their father was a faithful Christian until he married, & unfortunately their mother had different ideas! Shame!

  7. King Johnson says:

    Beautiful because as we all know the world and it’s darkness is going to work as hard as it can 2 get them!-)+ we as true believers and Christ followers and born-again children of God must make the most important step that anybody who has reached full grown physical age must do and that is when as many souls for the kingdom as possible amen!-)+ we’ve been doing a great job but we have to keep doing it so that the World of Tomorrow will look even more beautiful than the world of today!-)+

    1. Dee kelley says:

      Keep children in the service so that they, too, may, ‘taste and see that the Lord is good.’