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When I was a child, I used to hear our pastor talk about the "Holy Ghost," but now our church never uses that term. Does "Holy Ghost" mean the same thing as the Holy Spirit?


Yes, the terms “Holy Ghost” and “Holy Spirit” are identical; the “Holy Ghost” is simply an older way of speaking of the Holy Spirit.

The reason the term “Holy Ghost” isn’t as common as it once was is because our English language has changed over the years. The word “ghost” is a good example of this. Today it means something different to most people than it did several centuries ago. Then, the word “ghost” simply meant “spirit,” but today most people think only of haunted houses or Halloween when they hear the word “ghost.” For this reason, almost all modern translations of the Bible use “Holy Spirit” instead of “Holy Ghost,” to avoid any misunderstanding.

The important thing, however, is to understand who the Holy Spirit is and what He wants to do in our lives. The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit is God Himself, and when we come to Christ, God comes to live within us by His Spirit. One reason He does this is to give us the power to live the way we should.

In fact, we can’t even come to God unless His Spirit first convicts us of our sin and draws us to Christ. Jesus said, “When he comes, he will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment” (John 16:8). Have you responded to God’s call by repenting of your sins and opening your heart to Christ? If not, do so today.

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  1. Kibalama Adrian Isaac says:

    Thanks, now I can understand the meaning.

  2. Lety says:

    I complete agree according the Bible. God, Jesus and The Holy Ghost are three different personalities and roles and different authority positions, as also they are set in different places. Jesus is in the right of the father, he himself describes his father like who has more authority then him, God is the head of the trinity in one., the Holy spirit has another role and place,(he) dwell in us as spiritual helper and comforter!., but all three are in one in unity…..God bless!

  3. Kimberly says:

    Hi not really a comment more of a question .I am a Christian I do attend church .Not as much as I would like ..But Definitely atrue believer.. now more than even I attended my sister’s church years ago definitely not living my life on a straight path ..When to to the altar .Went out in the holly ghost ..I at a experience that people would pray to have .. of course I try to explain to people but not sure anyone really believes me .. but was laying there praying to God to come into my heart ..Not only did he but while I was lYing there on the floor.. I could hear foot steps walking towards me I mean something heavy so hear I could feel the floor shake not knowing then I. Could hear sound of chains .At that time didn’t really know what thwas

  4. Ann Marshall says:

    To my knowledge of the English language there are no two words that means the exact same thing, although may have similarities. But never identical in meaning and with that said, the word ghost means a disembodied spirit, while the world spirit means active force. So please tell how is that the Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit are the exact, identical same thing..

  5. Brian Murray says:

    thank you for answering this question so to the point.

  6. trevor says:

    To me holy ghost is a satanical term, which does not even bring God or Jesus Christ to anyone! To me some well educated people, they like to change the way the nature of God is supposed to be!

    1. Lety says:

      You describing “to me” as your personal opinion and perspective point of view. It is not what we want to believe, is what the Bible says and is the true. The word ghost is not a evil word that have been influenced in the mind of people thru the scary movies and media. The word ghost in Hebrew and Greek means “spirit” refere to a spiritual being, it can be a evil spirit or it can be a good spirit. The word ghost is an old english word and is how the first bible Kjv translated. But both “Holy Ghost and “Holy Spirit are the same”… God bless you!

  7. Martin Mwanza says:

    May the Holy spirit fill the hearts of the people of Kenya as we approaches the General election