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How do I know if God even listens to my prayers? I have a lot of problems, and I've asked God repeatedly to take them away, but nothing ever changes. Maybe God doesn't care.


You may find it hard to believe right now, but God is even more concerned about you and your problems than you are. This is why the Bible says, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7).

It’s often been said that God answers our prayers in one of three ways: Yes, no, and wait. There is much truth in this, because God knows our needs far better than we do. Sometimes, for example, we want Him to do something for us, but our prayers are self-centered or thoughtless, and God says “No” because He knows our motives are wrong. Or sometimes God says, “Wait! Not yet!” — because He sees the whole picture, and He knows what’s best for us, both now and in the future. And sometimes, of course, God says “Yes.”

But I’ve discovered that God sometimes answers our prayers in a fourth way: By showing us how to solve the problem. In other words, sometimes we become the answer to our own prayers! We always want God to solve our problems instantly, but sometimes God wants us to deal with them on our own, as He gives us wisdom.

I don’t know what problems you’re facing right now, but God does and He wants to help you overcome them, because He loves you. Pray for wisdom… seek advice from people you trust… and then, little by little, do all you can to solve them. The Bible says, “I will go before you and will level the mountains” (Isaiah 45:2).

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  1. Sherry Johnson says:

    Could you please pray for my brother Michael he is going through a terrible custody battle with his ex wife trying to keep him away from his kids, telling horrible lies just to hurt him and keep him away from who he loves the most “his children” I watched my brother suffer for months now and I wonder where God is please pray for the innocent children to be reunited with their loving father and judgment for the one’s trying to ruin an innocent persons life. Thank you.

  2. McKenna says:

    God does care about you. I know you may feel alone and just by reading what your question was I know that I am in your same position, I mean I asked the same question “how do I know God is listening to my prayers” because I feel the same way. I just am trying to believe that God has a plan for me. If he has a plan for me he has a plan for you. Trust in the Lord and just be patient. The person above ^ couldn’t have said it better. Actually reading that made me feel so much better! Hope you have better days.

  3. marsha says:

    I feel like if he won’t answer my prayers which is healing prayers how do I know he can and will forgive sins or am I nothing to him

  4. Jim says:

    I’m not sure if god is listening,, I hope he is..

  5. Tonia says:

    Thanks. Sometimes I wonder when I pray to him if he is really there because I never really get my problems solved so I don’t know because I don’t feel his presence.