The World’s Darkest Hour

55:11   •   February 15, 2014

Billy Graham preaches on the dark night before Jesus’ death. George Beverly Shea sings. Cliff Barrows leads the choir. – Charlotte 10/18/58

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  1. Dr. Danny V. Ray says:

    Dr. Graham will forever hold a special place in my life. I accepted Christ as my Savior in front of a little black and white TV set in 1971 as a boy of 15. I myself have been preaching the Gospel now for 29 years.
    Dr. Danny V. Ray

  2. Anthony Blish says:

    A great message.It really strengthened my in my faith and my walk. Jesus Christ payed the debt of my sin and I can’t imagine how painful it was. When i watched this video I loved it.

  3. Patrick Metoyer says:

    A timeless message. I can apply his teaching in 2014 and it would stick. Thank You for sharing this online.

  4. vr.stephenpaul says:

    i love it

  5. Christa le Roux says:

    Oh how the world needs to pray to God even now in 2014. Thank you Billy Graham, may God bless you.

  6. Réjean Baronet says:

    Je suis très reconnaissant d’avoir trouvé ce site évangélique de monsieur Graham , ses prêches sont
    toujours aussis actuelles en 2014 qu’il étaient en 1958 , Jésus a dit les cieux et la terre passeront : mais
    mes paroles ne passeront point . Merci Seigneur de nous avoir passer mr.Graham que le Seigneur
    l àcceuille dans son royaume .

  7. stacey valdez says:

    I Love It

    1. Anthony Blish says:


  8. JOHN SHERRATT says:


  9. Fessahie Gebraghiorghis says:

    don’t make to problem to here the word of god please

  10. fahn little says:

    Loved seeing Billy as he preached the word of God. How do I sent these to an e-mail address?

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