Franklin Graham: The Spiritual Bond Between His Father and the Queen

07:29   •   September 19, 2022

On the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, Franklin Graham was asked about the deep faith and spiritual bond she shared with his father, Billy Graham.

In a live interview on ABC, the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) talked about how the queen set an example to people around the world.

“I watched today and I just had a thankful heart,” said Franklin Graham. “For her … 70 years on the throne, she honored the Lord Jesus Christ. She wasn’t afraid to live her faith.”

Franklin Graham also shared his father’s memories of spiritual conversations throughout the years with Queen Elizabeth II.

“The personal connection was God—and His Word,” said Franklin Graham. “That’s what brought them together. They loved talking about the Word of God together.

“I hope the people of the U.K. will not forget their heritage and the faith of their queen.”

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