Brazilian Choir Sings Praises

04:46   •   October 25, 2015

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  1. Prof. Dipak kumar Nath says:

    I am blessed hearing Dr . Graham’s message, please update me regularly.

  2. Robert Shields says:

    What a wonderful spectacle to see so many women singing that famous song.

  3. Raju G. C. Thomas, Ph.D. says:

    This is a grand display by Brazilians of their admiration, love and respect for Jesus of Nazareth,Israel. Jesus and his 12 disciples, and the apostle Saul (renamed Saint Paul) were all Jews. But their fellow Jews have rejected their famous fellow Jewish preacher and teacher, unlike 2 billion non-Jewa elsewhere in the world. JESUS of Nazareth, Israel, I admire, love and respect you.. I am from Kerala, India, where the population is mainly H.

  4. Cheryl (Sherrie) M. Thomas says:

    i am excited to hear what is going on. I am listening to the choir videos tonight. If everyone would just give Jesus a chance in their life (ones that don’t know him) they would be so happy and their lives would change. Lost ones don’t have a chance and our future generations don’t have a chance the way the world is now. He is our strength and hope and he puts so much love in your heart. Sherrie

  5. ebenopoku says:


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