Billy Graham: ‘I Know I’m Going to Heaven’

02:17   •   February 26, 2018

Special words from Billy Graham on the promise of heaven and the indescribable peace he experienced in his latter years. This is the last footage the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association captured of him a few years ago.

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  1. OYANG SESERAY says:

    I am totally blessed by his book, “Born Again.” And also with the songs that are recorded by Bill Gaither. I was in his Library in 2012. I am a West Papuan from Indonesia. I love Jesus!

  2. Leila Allison says:

    I heard Billy Graham years ago in Minneapolis. I always liked his wonderful messages of salvation.

  3. Amy Costanza says:

    Thank you for your lives of commitment to Jesus. Thank you for the centrality of Christ and the Cross in every message. May God richly bless you.

  4. Ben says:

    Billy was a good man.

  5. Sathiya Jayasingh says:

    His messages can still save millions of people to God.

  6. Warren Wills says:

    Thank you, Mr. Graham, for everything you have done. Please keep the channel 145 on satellite radio going. I’m listening every day. God has blessed us all with messages through your ministry. I love you, Mr. Billy Graham. I was like the prodigal son, lost but now I am found. Thank Almighty God. Rest in peace, Mr. Graham.

  7. Mary Musta says:

    I have watched Billy Graham for 37 years! I love Billy Graham and respect him for living a life humbly and serving faithfully! Thank you Billy Graham.

  8. Jonnie Phillips says:

    I have repented, and I will see Jesus when I leave this world. Amen!

  9. Polycarp Didam says:

    He was a great inspiration to me.

  10. Pavita Chuttoo says:

    Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. I am nothing without him.

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