Will Graham Encourages Pastors Ahead of April’s Tri-Cities Celebration

By   •   January 8, 2018

Will Graham talking to attendee
Will Graham is the third generation of Grahams to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ under the banner of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). In addition to his evangelistic outreaches, Will also serves as vice president of BGEA and as executive director of the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in Asheville, North Carolina.

“God is the God of breakthroughs.”

Will Graham addressed nearly 190 pastors and their spouses in the Tri-Cities region of Tennessee on January 4.

“[People are] looking for God to break through the sin in their life, their loneliness in life, their misery in life.”

Will was in town to encourage pastors ahead of April’s Tri-Cities Region Will Graham Celebration, to be held April 27-29 at the Freedom Hall Civic Center in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Will Graham and pastors sitting at tables
Will Graham (right) joined Tri-Cities pastors and their spouses for fellowship and breakfast before sharing a message of encouragement.

Sharing hope for revival in the region, Will’s message came from a passage in 2 Samuel 5, where newly anointed King David immediately went to God in prayer when the Philistines amassed to defeat him. Following God’s lead and direction, David was repeatedly victorious. So much so that David declared, “The Lord has broken through my enemies before me, like a breakthrough of water” (v. 20, NKJV).

Will related David’s victories to April’s Celebration, telling pastors: “My friends, 2018 could be a breakthrough for the Tri-Cities. There could be a mighty breakthrough in the enemy’s lines, only by the power of God. That’s what 2018 can be. It’s whether we believe it or not. Whether we’re going to trust in God or not.”

Regularly referencing his time as a pastor in North Carolina, and how much he misses that role, Will also took the opportunity to build up the ministers in their calling, reminding them of the source.

“I want to encourage you from one pastor to another, remember that it’s God who called you. Don’t forget that. Don’t forget your calling in life,” Will said.

“And—to be honest—you have the greatest job in the world. To proclaim God’s Word, and teach it to people. What a privilege!”

As he wrapped up his message, Will had one more challenge for the pastors, especially as they work toward the Celebration in April and the opportunity to see a great movement—a breakthrough—of the Holy Spirit.

“Don’t put God in a box. As preachers, one preacher to another, we always want to put God in a box. This is how God works: A plus B equals C. It may be true in some cases, but God works in many different ways. Plans that you and I don’t fully understand.

“If you can put your God in a box, your God is too small. So many of us have that small God. Our God is too big for some box.”

Here’s How You Can Pray:

As the Tri-Cities Region Celebration draws closer, please join us in praying for a great breakthrough. Pray that:

  • Local believers would know they serve a big God, and they would see the eternal importance of the opportunities they have to be trained and equipped in the months leading up to the event
  • Christians would have a burden for specific people in their lives who need Christ, and they would make plans now to bring them to the Celebration
  • We would see an amazing breakthrough and revival in the Tri-Cities area

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