Why Bother With Church? Billy Graham’s Answer

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Q. My husband was transferred to a new city last year, but we’ve been busy and haven’t gotten around to looking for a church. But since he’s probably going to be transferred again in less than a year, why should we bother now? We’d barely get to know anyone.

A. If your main purpose in going to church is to get acquainted with people and make new friends, then you might be right; you’d probably not have time to get to know very many people.

But I hope you have another reason to go to church—and that is to get acquainted with God. God loves you, and He wants you to come to know Him in a growing and deeply personal way. One way this takes place is through what happens in a church where God’s Word is preached and taught, and people are learning what it means to follow Jesus. The Bible says, “Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together” (Hebrews 10:24-25).

Begin by making sure of your personal commitment to Jesus Christ. If you have never asked Him to come into your life, I pray you will take that step today. Then ask Him to lead you to a church in your area where you can grow spiritually and discover more of God’s will for you and your family.

Even if your remaining time in this community is brief, God can still use it to bring you closer to Christ—and also others. Don’t waste these months, but ask God to use them to draw you closer to Himself. Then ask Him to guide you to another church once your husband is transferred. God wants to change your lives—beginning today.

Will you allow God to transform your life?


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  1. Thompson lordson says:

    Really love it… Please needs tracts for evangelism because people are asking me such questions so if I give them the tracts they will understand better.

  2. Jacquelyn Thompson says:

    When God gave the Israelites His dietary restrictions, did they just pertain to the Jews or do they pertain to all of us? God’s word is the same yesterday, today and forever, so is does His words on dietary restrictions for me also?

  3. Lillian Teran says:

    It is time for the church to come alive and pray. We especially need the violance stops here and we make our administration accountable for his executive orders. Pray for the vote in 2016. I am trying to get everyone to vote and pray God’s candidate wins.

  4. Amando Bayan says:

    Need an update list of the time and date of Decison America Tour Feb, March, April. I do put out the word to our church.

    1. BGEA says:

      Hi Amando,

      The schedule may be found at this link: http://decisionamericatour.com/tour-dates/#fndtn-announced.

      We will add more dates as we have them.

  5. Wendy Olson says:

    Satan tries to keep you from the church and God’s word getting down in your heart. We need to pray for the church and get connected to Christ in it. It’s not easy for ones who have disabilities & hurts, but God does heal, and makes away for them too. When you can’t, then watch Christian broadcasting; but there is nothing as rewarding than praying with Christians

  6. Jan Hayes says:

    My husband was a career military man (Navy) and we were transferred 16 times in 23 years. Every time we moved, the first thing we did was find a good church to attend and get active in. Sometimes it didn’t work out too well, but for the most part, we settled in and enjoyed the time we had in that area. Like my dear departed Mother would say…”Life is what you make it”…so make it good and enjoy the trip! God bless you!

  7. Pat Huesken says:

    Unfortunately church has become a great bastion of “religious persecution dogma and judgement ” which is why people don’t want to attend anymore. If we as people practiced grace and love in Christ’s church like we should, you wouldn’t be able to stop people from attending….this is the gospel of good news! You couldn’t hold them back!