Tearing Down the Walls

By   •   November 12, 2009   •   Topics: , ,

Will Graham believes defending the Christian faith is important, not for the reason of winning an argument, but to win others to Christ. “The goal of apologetics is to give a defense of the Gospel, but people really want to hear about truth,” Said Graham. “What I love about Alex McFarland (the host of this event and president of Southern Evangelical Seminary) is that he is an evangelist at heart. His heart is to win people to Jesus.”

More specifically, he says that apologetics are crucial to advancing God’s Kingdom. “A lot of people have questions about the Bible – good questions. These walls have to be torn down so they can understand the Truth,” explained Graham.

Since not everyone who has traditionally attended this conference is a Christian, Graham will deliver an evangelistic message on Friday evening of the conference. “These people want to hear about the Gospel. They have valid questions. I pray that as I preach, walls will be torn down and they’ll have a better understanding of the Gospel. I also hope to see Christians to recommit themselves for the purpose of evangelism.”

Once this conference is over, he hopes that the ones in attendance who do not trust Jesus as their Lord and Savior will make an informed decision about the Gospel. “Hopefully, their decision will be yes.