Taking Back Your Sabbath

By Janise Holmes   •   May 16, 2023

What do Sundays look like for you? Are they are a time to rest and recuperate? Or do you find yourself scrambling through the day, trying to get everything done before Monday morning?

Forsaking the Sabbath can leave us feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed.

As a wife and mother of three, Cissie Graham Lynch shares her own struggle to prioritize this day of rest. Her latest episode on the Fearless podcast encourages listeners to reclaim their Sabbath as a family.

“Why is this the one of the Ten Commandments that we have no problem breaking in our life and in our relationship with the Lord?” asks Lynch. “It’s because our culture says it’s OK. Our culture has redefined what Sunday should look like.”

By missing out on a true Sabbath each week, we are also missing out on an opportunity to put God first, to experience rest, and to trust in Him.

“God gave us the Sabbath for a reason,” Lynch shared on the podcast. “When we don’t take a day of rest, we will not be ready physically, spiritually, and emotionally to face the days ahead.”

Your Sabbath could even be a completely different day during the week, she added. What matters most is not the day you choose, but what you choose to do with that day of rest.

What are some ways you and your family can intentionally keep the Sabbath holy? What would that day look like if you spent it in God’s presence?

Listen Now: Is our compromising culture keeping us from a day of rest?