Living Faithfully On and Off the Field

By Janise Holmes   •   September 5, 2023

Cissie Graham Lynch and husband Corey Lynch—a former NFL player—talk faith, sports, and parenting on the latest Fearless podcast episode.

As football season kicks off, Cissie Graham Lynch sits down with her husband Corey, a former NFL player, for a candid conversation about faith, family, and sports—and what it means to live every moment for Jesus Christ.

“As Christian parents, we seem to kind of throw in the towel when it comes to sports and … [we] excuse the foul language that coaches use,” said Cissie on her latest Fearless podcast episode.

“Our children are going to see things we don’t want them to see,” Corey responded. “How do you figure out how to protect them but also allow them to be a part of our society?”

Corey shared how he recently witnessed coaches cussing out 9-year-olds and pushing them to act out violently on the field. After his own experience in the NFL, Corey knows how difficult it can be to honor God in the midst of rampant spiritual darkness.

“In those atmospheres, when people realize who you are, what you stand for, if you are true to yourself, and you are walking a straight road, they might not like you,” Corey shared. “But they will respect you.”

Coaching your family through sports may not be easy, but together you can live out 1 Corinthians 10:31 which says, “Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (ESV).

“We read Scripture over and over,” Cissie shared, “[so that] when something comes up, we can have confidence in that moment because we know the playbook.”

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