Library Visitors Share Their Stories

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Although the Library can sometimes bustle with many visitors, most people are able to find that special time or place where God speaks. Read what recent visitors had to say about their experiences:

“I can’t think of a better place to spend my birthday other than Heaven. Thank you for a great day”…Chrissy, 30, Louisburg, NC

One family from Charlotte came together and found the peace of God: “My son is addicted to meth and was ready to commit suicide,” the father shared. “My wife was about to give up and leave but something moved in her heart and prompted her to suggest a visit to the Library. I have no idea why my son agreed, but he did. Visiting Mrs. Graham’s grave brought us together and we talked a long time there. Although my son needs help, he is ready to try – because of Christ. There is a long road ahead but we are ready to travel it together, including my wife.”

“My husband came to Christ at 16 years of age through the movie ‘For Pete’s Sake’ and has been serving Christ full time since the age of 23. It was truly overwhelming to be here and share up close about a man and his ministry that literally changed my husband’s life. I wept often wondering where we might be today had my husband not gone to that theater in Mexico to see the movie. To God be the glory,” said Sarah Eggerich, wife of Emerson, founder of the popular Love and Respect Marriage Conferences held nationally. They visited on February 16 and are from Grand Rapids, MI.

Visiting recently, Reid and Bea Barnette of Monroe, NC, attended the Mordecai Ham tent revival in 1934 when Billy Graham made his commitment to Christ. Said Mr. Barnette, who is 90 years old, “I can still see Dr. Ham and Mr. Ramsey (song leader) in my mind and remember all of the marvelous things that came from it that made it even greater. Like Billy, we were teenagers but remember it well.” Mr. and Mrs. Barnette, married for 69 years, still operate the Barnette General Mercantile Store in Monroe along with their daughter who came with them to the Library.

“I’ve never heard a man give a message like Billy Graham, not a Pope, Rabbi or anyone. I lived across the street from the Smithsonian in Washington for many years and it has nothing on this Library. It’s very well done. Keep up the good work”…Fred, from a group of 15 from the Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Lexington, SC

“Excellent! This is a place for all Christians…a place to unify!”…Dr. Ramonita and Lourdes Diaz Jimeinez, Arecibo, Puerto Rico

“I believe anyone could come in as a sinner and leave as a Christian. It is wonderful”…Katie, Dallas, NC

“This was a very memorable and precious tour and very awesome. You can just feel the love all over”…Kathy Norton, Rockingham, NC

On a recent Saturday, the Library staff reports, “we had 800 guests, five professions of faith, 53 rededications and two prayers for special concerns.”

Truly, lives are being touched and transformed each and every day at this sanctuary. As the weather warms and travel is pleasant, anyone who is able to visit will be blessed by the messages and exhibits. Coming up in June will be a special exhibit honoring the life of Ruth Bell Graham.

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