God’s Solution to Suffering: An Answer from Billy Graham

By   •   July 27, 2016   •   Topics: , ,

Billy Graham wipes away tears after being greeted by tidal wave survivors in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Q: I know God is supposed to be all-powerful, but why doesn’t He do something about all the misery and suffering in the world? Maybe He isn’t so powerful after all.

A: If God was powerful enough to create the whole universe, isn’t He powerful enough to deal with the evils and sufferings of our world? Of course He is. The Bible says, “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” (Jeremiah 32:27).

But why, then, doesn’t He do something about all the misery and suffering in the world (as you say)? The answer is—He has! Let me explain. Have you ever asked yourself where all the sufferings of this world come from? They happen, the Bible says, because our world is infected with a deadly disease—a spiritual sickness called sin. Sin isn’t just something we do that’s bad (although it is that). Sin also is like a deadly cancer that affects our whole lives, and our whole world.

But Jesus Christ came to destroy sin’s power—and He did this by His death and resurrection for us. As we turn to Him in repentance and faith He forgives our sins, and as we yield ourselves to Him every day He helps us defeat sin’s power over us. He also gives us a new love for others, and sends us out to help alleviate the sufferings of our world.

But the Bible also tells us that some day the final battle will be fought, and sin and Satan will be defeated forever. A new world is coming! Don’t be filled with despair, but put your hope in Christ. Then ask God to make you a light in this dark world, pointing others to the hope we have because of Christ.