Franklin Graham Sheds Light on Persecuted Christians in 30-Minute Video

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Many of the harsh realities Christians around the world face because of persecution go unnoticed. Now, Franklin Graham is urging people to take a stand before it's too late.

Last year, more than 90,000 Christians were killed because of their faith—that’s one person every six minutes.

Studies continue to show Christ followers are the most persecuted believers in the world, and the attacks are only getting worse. But, how should we respond?

“It’s barbaric, it’s evil, and it’s time for us to get up and do something,” Franklin Graham recently said about persecution. “I believe that we as Christians need to wake up. If we don’t do it now, it’ll be too late.”

To help bring light to the crisis, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has dedicated its April television special to telling stories of persecution. The program, “Persecution and the Gospel,” includes emotional accounts and gut-wrenching video of what countless Christians are facing.

“This is going on day after day. Week after week,” Graham said. “Christians are under attack.”

>>Watch the entire Billy Graham TV Special, Persecution and the Gospel.

Graham notes that persecution isn’t just limited to the Middle East. In fact, the TV special features the story of a man living in Sudan who faces so much danger his identity had to be hidden. A priest in Iraq who was kidnapped and tortured, as well as a pastor in Lebanon whose church was attacked, also share their plight.

“Genocide is a polite word for what happened to my people,” the priest says in the 30-minute program airing now. “The message has to arrive: Save my people! We are dying here!”

“Persecution and the Gospel” comes a month ahead of the World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians, which BGEA is sponsoring in Washington, D.C., May 10-13. The event will bring together 600 church leaders and advocates from 130 countries—many of them victims of persecution.

In addition to “Persecution and the Gospel,” BGEA will share other stories from persecuted Christians and their families leading up to the event.

“I want the politicians to see firsthand what’s taking place,” Graham explained. “I want to put a big spotlight on the Christians around the world that are being persecuted, that are being tortured.”

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  1. Maggi Bee says:

    My heart aches for my “brothers and sisters.” Thank you for shining a spotlight on their suffering. Some – like Asia Bibi – have suffered in prison for years, while many are murdered daily. God sees. I am praying for Jesus to return. Until He does He is our only hope. So again I say, pray.

  2. Carole HowardIf says:

    When we become serious in our determination to minister healing to the oppressed both at home and abroad Our God Is Faithful and will Honor His Sacred Word which has continually called for the same.

  3. Ellen Engle says:

    Thank You and God bless you for the stand you are taking. I am not able at this point in time to give. Trying to get enough together for rent. But I will join you in prayer. Thank you for using your platform for and bringing to light the realities that truly need to be in our face, in our hearts and in our prayers. And also in our giving. God Bless everything you are doing. Through Samaritian’s Purse and this effort as well, we can truly see the heart of God beating in you.
    Thank you

  4. Lois Graff says:

    Thank you!

  5. Lois Graff says:

    What channel does this air on?

    1. BGEA says:

      Hi Lois,
      Here is a link to the broadcast listings: