Calgary Rocked!

By   •   August 22, 2010

Fans began showing up early to hear great music from bands like Flyleaf, Hawk Nelson, downhere, Skillet, Lecrae and Starfield—and the most important news of all from Franklin Graham. Video testimonies from popular bands worked in conjuction with Graham’s message to touch hearts.

Christopher said, “We took all of our kids, and loved every second. Thanks, God, for a wonderful day, beautiful weather and great people who made this a memory of a lifetime! Franklin Graham rocked! I especially liked Brian ‘Head’ Welch’s message. I read his book, Save Me From Myself and his message today really hit home.”

“I enjoyed the concert so much and I also got blessed with all the people who surrendered their lives to JESUS!” said Marvelous. “Good job to all the bands who also shared their faith and testimonies! Thank you to all those people who made it possible, especially Mr. Franklin Graham! May GOD bless you all and may you win more souls!”

Robin, a youth leader in Calgary, said he was a “big mess” from crying! One of his former students who long struggled with alcohol and drug addiction showed up at Rock the River and made a commitment to Christ. It was the anniversary of her friend’s death from an overdose and she was desperate change, according to Robin.

Eric, 17 years old, had committed his life to Christ nine years ago. He drove three hours to attend Rock the River. At the invitation, Eric walked forward to rededicate his life to the Lord. Eric told Vic, the volunteer counselor, that he was struggling to overcome a sexual sin that was getting the best of him and that he needed prayer. Vic referred Eric to a special counselor on site and Eric agreed to talk with his local pastor about getting involved in a men’s accountability group at church.

Another local youth pastor named Grant, serving as a counselor, hadn’t yet been given a chance to talk with anyone after the first invitation and was feeling a little dejected. So when he noticed that one of his students from his youth group had gone forward, he started walking over to talk with him about the commitment he had made.

All of a sudden, Jared, who had come to the event by himself, stepped in front of Grant and asked, “I want to know more about Jesus, can you talk with me?” The two talked quite a while, and Jared had said he had made a commitment quite some time ago but had been “slacking off” and had not been attending church very consistently. So Jared surrendered his life to the Lord and said he wanted now to follow Christ and to know Him.

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Glena had been trained to be a counselor for Rock the River. She had no idea she would share Christ with her best friend and lead her to faith in Him. Glena’s friend, Kelly, who now lives in British Columbia, was in Calgary to spend time with Glena, so the two 14-year-olds went to the concert together. They knew their mutual struggles and pain for both had come from broken homes.

When Franklin extended the invitation, Kelly said she wanted to go forward to receive Christ, so Glena went down with her. Since Glena had gone through the counseling training and was wearing her counseling badge, she took Kelly through the material and explained how she could have her sins forgiven by committing her life to Christ by faith. Kelly accepted Him as Savior.

Please pray for next weekend’s final Rock the River event in Edmonton, Alberta.
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