Billy Graham’s Answers on Race, Inequality

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Billy Graham with young men

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a time when many people reflect on the Civil Rights Movement and the progress of social justice in America.

Billy Graham, who considered King a close friend, has answered many questions on race and prejudice. Here are some that still apply today:

Q: Can our nation overcome racism? I don’t think a week goes by without something happening that tells me I’m still a second-class citizen.
A: I know our society has made great progress in race relations during my lifetime—but you’re right: Much remains to be done.
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Q: How can someone be prejudiced and still claim to be Christian?
A: Racial or ethnic prejudice is a sin in the eyes of God, and no Christian should allow his or her heart to be filled with prejudice.
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Q: What do you think is the greatest social problem in the world today?
A: I’ve often said that in my view racism is the biggest social problem we face in the world today, and I believe it still is.
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Q: Is it too late for someone who grew up prejudiced to change?
A: No, it’s never too late for someone to change—although the older we get the harder it becomes. But God still can change someone’s attitude if the person is willing.
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Q: Where did all the races come from? I have a hard time believing God meant for there to be so much strife because of race.
A: God created [each race] and gave them their unique identity. … God wants us to learn to accept each other and love each other.
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There is only one answer to the problem behind racism.

Find peace with God.


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  1. Gerlinde says:

    We have to remember that nowhere in the Bible do we find the mention of race, only the mention of nation, tribe or people. Race is a manmade concept. According to the Bible and the genome research, there is only one race, the human race. Therefore calling each other racist is really a sign of great ignorance of the Bible (Satan is loving it.) And no Christian should fall into this race trap but should speak up against it.

  2. Kim Scales says:

    I remember reading this, and thought it was time to share it again. I also remember what Rev. Graham said after the Oklahoma bombing and we should revisit that message again too.

  3. Vivian Davidson says:

    I agree because i believe we have been told all of our lives that people are not the same. but I know God created all people. and I also believe when you get to heaven their will not be color. God loved all his people not just white people. I wish things were have to fight this sin because of the way we have been taught.God bless.

  4. Ron Robinson says:

    This a good article but how many times did Billy Graham march with Dr Kings and other Marcher!!!!! How many time did Graham stand up for injustice in “America”. Where was Graham on the March on Washington!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. James Duval says:

    Having been acquainted with people of native American heritage as well as other nationalities, the idea of racial profiling is not a comfortable area. The Lord didn’t create separation as a comfort zone!

  6. Gopal kharkongnr says:

    Nice and i would light to get such articles days ahead