Billy Graham’s Answers on Occult Beliefs

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Teen playing Charlie Charlie
Thousands of videos have been posted to social media of people playing the 'Charlie Charlie Challenge.' But is it more than a spooky game?

The “Charlie Charlie Challenge” is growing in popularity as teens upload videos to social media of them trying to call on an evil spirit. The trend involves putting two pencils in a cross position on top of a sheet of paper with “yes” and “no” written on it. In an effort to “summon” a Mexican demon said to be named Charlie, participants then say, “Charlie, Charlie are you here?” and wait for the pencils to move.

Curiosity about ghosts and demonic spirits is no new phenomenon. From horror movies like Candy Man to Ouija boards and the folklore legend of Bloody Mary—generations have experimented with occult practices and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. But, are people playing with fire? Does this open the door for actual demonic forces to enter someone’s life? These answers from Billy Graham help make sense of the issue:

Can some people really tell the future?
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I’m not sure games that are supposed to tap into spiritual forces are innocent.
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I don’t see anything wrong with having my fortune told and things like that.
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My aunt gave my son a game that’s supposed to answer questions about the future.
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What’s wrong with asking my children to contact me after death through a medium?
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