3 Answers from Billy Graham About Absent and Abusive Fathers

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Father’s Day can be a particularly difficult time for those who haven’t had a good relationship—or any relationship—with their fathers. Over the years, many men and women wrote to Billy Graham, a father of five, with questions about their absent or abusive fathers. Mr. Graham always responded with compassion. Below are three of his answers to questions about dads who left emotional and physical scars on their children.

Q: Is God like my father, who was selfish and abusive before abandoning us? If God is anything like that, I want nothing to do with Him.
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Q: My dad bailed out on our family when I was a child. He has tried to get in touch since then, but why should I have anything to do with him?
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Q: How can I help my grown children forgive their father and deal with their bitterness and anger?
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