Will Graham Shares the Gospel in Ruth Bell Graham’s Hometown of Huai’an, China

By   •   March 2, 2015

inside church
On Feb. 27 and 28, Will Graham preached the Gospel at Huai'an Christian Church in Jiangsu Province, China.
Will Graham
Will Graham is Billy Graham's grandson and Franklin Graham's oldest son. He carried on his family's legacy in China with a week-long visit to Jiangsu Province, which happened at the invitation of the local church.
Will Graham
On Feb. 26, Will Graham visited Ruth Bell Graham Memorial Church in Huai'an, China. The church is named after his grandmother, who was born in Huai'an in 1920. Her father, Dr. L. Nelson Bell, served in China as a missionary doctor for many years.
bell tower
This is the original site of the church where Will Graham's great-grandfather, Dr. L. Nelson Bell, was a member. "The bell tower is the only original thing that exists from his day," Will Graham said. "This would be the same church that my grandmother would attend as a child. Being here in my grandmother's hometown has stirred so many emotions in my heart."
inside church
More than 5,000 people packed Huai'an Christian Church over the course of two days, as Will Graham preached the Gospel.
Ruth Bell Graham exhibit
The people of Huai'an continue to honor the legacy of Ruth Bell Graham and her missionary parents who served the city.
Will Graham Daniel Ma
Will Graham preaches the Gospel inside Huai'an Christian Church as Daniel Ma interprets.
Jiangsu Province Christian Council invited Will Graham to visit China, with the approval of the Chinese government. He was invited to speak in Huai'an and Wuxi as part of a Chinese New Year celebration called the Good Shepherd Outreach.
Outside Huai'an Christian Church in the city of Huai'an, which is situated between two lakes, about 250 miles northwest of Shanghai.
Will Graham visited a memorial in Huai'an that commemorates his great-grandfather's life. "Praising God for my great-grandfather's faithful witness, and that tomorrow I will have the chance to carry on his legacy by sharing the hope of Christ," Will Graham shared before preaching in Huai'an on Friday and Saturday.
One of the littlest members of the crowd that gathered at Huai'an Christian Church.
Worshiping God together at Huai'an Christian Church.
"In the last two days I harvested fields I did not plant," Will Graham shared about his time in Huai'an. "Thank you, Lord, for faithful missionaries who sowed the seed 100 years ago."
People were bundled up because of the cold weather in Huai'an. It even snowed one of the days Will Graham preached there. He told the people that those who believe in Jesus have their sins forgiven, making them as white as snow in God's eyes.
Arriving at Huai'an Christian Church in Jiangsu Province.
A powerful time of prayer after Will Graham preached the Gospel.