The ‘Treasure State’ Discovers Eternal Gold at Big Sky Celebration

By   •   September 14, 2019

The final weekend of the Big Sky Celebration with Will Graham kicked off Friday night in Great Falls, Montana. Graham came to the aptly named “Treasure State” to give people great news—that Jesus Christ loves them and wants to be their friend.
In the 1800s, prospectors found silver, copper and gold in Big Sky Country. Friday, Will Graham offered something much more valuable than these precious metals—an opportunity to have the peace of God now and live with Him forever in heaven.
After more than 100 people came forward to accept Christ, Will Graham told them, "God has opened the spiritual eyes of your heart."
Josh Havens of The Afters told Great Falls, "If you put your faith in Jesus, you're going to go to heaven. We are going to belong more than we've ever belonged."
Praising God.
More than 1,400 people filled the Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls, Montana.
Aaron Shust led worship and then introduced Will Graham. "He loves people. That means you tonight, Montana."
Praying before the Celebration starts.
74 area churches from 20-plus denominations in the Great Falls area are involved in the evangelistic event.
Will Graham talks about the Big Sky Celebration during an interview at a local TV station.
To prepare hearts of believers to share Christ with their community, local churches held more than 50 Christian Life and Witness Classes. Taught by a representative from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the course teaches Christians practical ways to share their faith with others.
Students sang along to the music of Hollyn, a Christian singer and songwriter. Hollyn was a contestant on the 12th season of American Idol.
The Color originates from Manitoba, Canada, and has joined Celebration events in both Helena and Great Falls.
Trained prayer counselors spend time with those who’ve made a decision for Christ. Their role is to pray with people and impart what it means to be a Christ follower and how to grow in faith.
Will Graham holds up five fingers to symbolize his son's place in the Graham family—William Franklin Graham V.
Welcoming a brother into the body of Christ.
The joy on this little girl's face is priceless. You can find the same joy by starting a relationship with Jesus Christ.