Tears of Complete Surrender as Christ Permeates Hearts in Mexico

By   •   October 8, 2018

"Cristo vive," meaning "Christ lives," read one boy's shirt. The same shirt was seen throughout Arena Monterrey Saturday and Sunday, worn by a group that came together, with many serving as prayer volunteers each evening of the Festival de Esperanza.
Franklin Graham had preached in Mexico a few times before the Festival de Esperanza (Festival of Hope), but never in Monterrey until this past weekend. He called it a "pearl of Mexico" as he greeted the audience Sunday night.
Around 15,600 people attended the second and final night of the Festival. Read more from Sunday, "Miracles in Monterrey: Overcoming Mountains of Adversity."
A short, cultural performance started off each evening's events.
So many who came forward to claim Christ as their Lord expressed raw emotions as they were paired with a prayer volunteer. Each volunteer took special care of the people God brought into their lives, not just answering any questions they may have about Jesus, but giving comfort and helping bear their burdens.
A moment of release and surrender to God.
Michael W. Smith celebrated his birthday Sunday and said before he went onstage how excited he was to be part of the Monterrey Festival on his special day.
Professional Mexican football player Jorge Torres Nilo shared his powerful story of choosing Christ.
A quiet calm comes over a woman who stands before the stage, waiting to pray with others around her to receive God's forgiveness. Learn more about His forgiveness and endless love for you.
Between a children's event Saturday morning and the two-day Festival Saturday and Sunday nights, total attendance reached more than 53,000 people. Nearly 16,000 more watched a live stream online.
Daniel Calveti has an incredible story of how he was physically dead for eight hours after falling deathly ill with meningitis at just six months old. He was actually taken to the hospital morgue where a petrified cleaning crew later discovered him moving under a white sheet. Calveti said he very much believes in miracles, and they can still happen today.
A boy browses through a new book he received after deciding to come forward at Franklin's invitation. Each person who says they want to know Christ is given a booklet to help them learn what that means.
It took several minutes for everyone who wanted to receive God's forgiveness to make their way down front as a public sign of their commitment to Him. People kept coming as those left among the rows of seats applauded their decision.
A woman is comforted and prayed for after becoming visibly shaken by the need in her heart. Everyone's ultimate need is Jesus Christ, Franklin Graham announced to the arena beforehand, and only He is able to take the broken pieces of our lives and make them whole again.
Michael W. Smith sang mostly in English—with Spanish words displayed on large screens in the arena—but also sang some in Spanish as the crowd eagerly raised their voices along with him. He paused at one point to let the thousands around him have the mic.
No matter what your background, all are united as brothers and sisters in Christ.
A man dressed in a suit stood against the railing directly in front of the pulpit, his shoulders shaking, his face wet with tears. Two others surrounded him, asking for God's peace to infiltrate his life. No one who comes forward is alone. Each one is connected with at least one other person, not just for that night but for the days to come.
The Tommy Coomes Band sang "Blessed Be the Name of the Lord" in Spanish.
Brothers Dennis and Danny Agajanian teamed up for a few songs.
Franklin Graham and Michael W. Smith have worked together many times on Festivals across the world. Franklin said he looks forward to returning to Mexico.