El Paso Festival of Hope Gallery

By   •   April 7, 2014

Franklin Graham preached a heartfelt message about the value of a soul on Sunday night, prompting hundreds to give their hearts to Christ in El Paso.
On his dad's shoulder, getting just the right angle to video tape Michael W. Smith, who closed the event with a 45-minute worship set.
Hundreds flooded the stage and they just kept coming as Franklin Graham continued to give the invitation to accept Christ. Counseling was pushed back into the aisles.
Worshiping the one true God in both English and Spanish on Sunday night at the Don Haskins Center.
Franklin Graham, with translator Galo Vasquez, covered many things Sunday night, including a heartfelt story about his mother, Ruth Bell Graham's final hours. He also made sure those at the El Paso Festival understood only Jesus could bridge the gap between us and God.
Franklin Graham's message was translated into Spanish by Galo Vasquez.
Puerto Rico's Daniel Calveti, a fan favorite, led an emotional time of Spanish worship.
One of the musical highlights of the bilingual El Paso Festival of Hope was an English/Spanish combo version of "I Surrender All" by Michael W. Smith and Daniel Calveti.
Michael W. Smith and Daniel Calveti hug at the end of their bilingual version of "I Surrender All."
The moment of truth for one family brings them to tears in El Paso.
Another view of just some of the crowd who came forward. Hundreds more made decisions online through a live webcast, which drew over 17,000 viewers.
Franklin Graham talked about his house, a 125-year-old farm house, that he and his wife raised their four kids in. He said most people's homes are their most prized possessions. But nothing is more valuable than your soul.
Some people on Sunday were nearly overcome as holy moments were happening all over the stadium floor, which hosted the NIT women's basketball championship just the day before.
Captivated by the music and message at the El Paso Festival.
Mariachi Isai, a band based in El Paso, had a unique Spanish sound, including violins and a harp.
Grammy Award winning artist Michael W. Smith led a packed stadium in worship Sunday night.
After making a decision for Christ, a man asks his counselor if he would take his picture to capture this significant moment.
Many of the El Paso Festival of Hope counselors were Spanish speakers.
The Tommy Coomes Band prepared the packed house for Franklin Graham's message, singing "He Reigns," "Mighty to Save" and "My Hope."
Not even a little one could come between this woman and coming forward.
Dennis Agajanian whipped up the El Paso crowd with his quick picking.
Franklin Graham, leading the new believers in a prayer to accept Jesus Christ into their lives and secure their eternity.
Shortly after watching hundreds come to Christ, Franklin Graham pauses for a moment before talking to the webstream audience, tuning in from over 150 countries throughout the weekend.