Rend Collective at The Cove

By   •   August 4, 2014

Gareth on drums
Rend Collective was started by Gareth Gilkeson in Bangor, Northern Ireland. Other band members include his wife, Ali, as well as Chris Llewellyn, Will Herron and Patrick Thompson.
Will Graham speaking
Will Graham, who heads The Cove, greeted the audience and talked about the first time he met Rend Collective at one of his evangelistic Celebrations.
Worshiping from the front row at the Rend Collective concert.
Band onstage
Most of the audience stood during the entire energetic performance.
Hands raised
One thing fans love about Rend Collective is how the band enjoys worshiping as a group, not just singing to the crowd.
Gareth Gilkeson
Multi-talented Gareth Gilkeson plays one of many instruments during the concert.
The crowd represented a wide range of ages.
Chris Llewellyn
Chris Llewellyn kept the audience on their feet and made them laugh.
Woman with hand raised
No one was too young or too old to worship along with the group.
Ali on accordion
Rend Collective member Ali Gilkeson played several instruments, including the accordion, on Sunday night at The Cove in Asheville. Rend Collective's new album, "The Art of Celebration," hit No. 1 on the iTunes worldwide chart back in March.