Praising God for New Life in Poland

By By T.J. Petrino   •   April 14, 2024

“He will come into your heart and life if you invite Him, but you have to confess your sins, repent, and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,” said Franklin Graham. Hundreds made a commitment to follow Jesus Christ at Saturday’s event in Krakow, the nation’s second largest city.
Two girls run to the stage at the invitation to make a decision for Jesus Christ at the God Loves You Tour stop at TAURON Arena Kraków.
“Jesus Christ is all around you,” said Taya, leading the crowd in worship. “He goes before you and He hems you in from behind with His presence. He is to your left and He is to your right and He is for you.”
Dennis Agajanian started the night of with some fast-picking, high-energy praise music.
“Jesus is not dead, he’s alive,” said Franklin Graham, whose message was translated into Polish, Ukrainian, and sign language.
“Do you believe God’s promises?” Michael W. Smith said. “He said He’d never leave you, never forsake you. And I believe that.”
There was a clear move of the Holy Spirit as so many responded to the Good News on Saturday night.
Those who came forward received a Bible and discipleship materials, including a “Living in Christ” book, to help them grow in their faith as they learn how to pray and study God’s Word.
Prayer volunteers talk with new believers to help get them connected to a local church.
Franklin Graham walks off the stage with his interpreter, giving God the glory for what He did at TAURON Arena Kraków.