Photos: Energetic Student Night with Will Graham in Charlottetown

By Ron Nickel and Cicely Corry   •   November 5, 2017

Will Graham smiling
Saturday marked day two of the Celebration of Hope with Will Graham in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. More than 1,700 people funneled into the Eastlink Centre to hear Will preach. It's the same arena where his father, Franklin Graham, shared the Gospel in 1992.
child with balloon animal
Friday's Celebration focused primarily on little ones. KidzFest included games, bouncy houses, balloon animals and a fun Bible-based skit called The Greatest Journey.
young woman with balloons
By the end of KidzFest, 143 people—most of them under the age of 18—made a decision to accept Christ.
In addition to those who attended the Celebration in person, more than 18,500 others watched live online.
The Color
The Color, a Canadian band from Manitoba, kept the crowd upbeat on Saturday.
Having a good time with The Afters. Known for their energetic sets that often involve bringing concertgoers on stage, the band has performed at many Will Graham and Franklin Graham events.
Will Graham backstage
Will took a few moments backstage to pray with staff and crew members before the Celebration started.
Elderly woman listening
"It doesn’t matter how young you are or how old … Christ wants to come into your life tonight," Will Graham said.
young man writing
This young man was happy to fill out his information card after walking forward during the invitation to accept Christ. These cards help local churches follow up with those who are just starting or hoping to strengthen their walk with Christ.
group praying
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. (2 Corinthians 3:17)
The house that Anne of Green Gables was based on is located in Cavendish, on the north shore of Prince Edward Island.
family praying
When families walk forward, it means generations changed to live for Christ.
women smiling
A volunteer counselor (right) makes a new friend in a woman who walked forward during the invitation to accept Christ. At one point, they shared smiles—and tears.
Young man listening
Listening intently as Will Graham gives instructions on what it takes to continue their relationship with Christ.
chaplains praying
International Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains take a moment to pray with a group.
woman reading
Each night of the Celebration of Hope is translated into Mandarin via headset. Prince Edward Island has a large Chinese population. Will Graham shared that his late grandmother Ruth Bell Graham was born in China. He gave a special welcome to "our Chinese brothers and sisters."
father and son
“All of the things you are looking for are found in Christ—and Christ wants to give it to you freely!” Will passionately told the crowd. “All you have to do is receive it. Receive that forgiveness. Receive that peace.”
Will Graham with crowd
Pray for the final night of the Celebration of Hope in Charlottetown, which will feature performances by Angie Rogers and George Canyon. Watch live on Sunday at 6:15 p.m. ADT/5:15 p.m. EDT.