PHOTOS: Emotional Night of Worship Wraps Up Vancouver Festival

By   •   March 6, 2017

Woman in worship
The Greater Vancouver Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham drew tens of thousands of people across three days, March 3-5. Vancouver, not far from the border of Washington state, is a very culturally diverse city situated along the coast in western Canada.
Festival crowd
Huge crowds flooded into Rogers Arena each night to hear God's Word.
Group in praise
The energy during the final night of the Greater Vancouver Festival of Hope remained throughout the evening into the concert after Franklin Graham's Gospel message.
Ellie Holcomb
Throughout her set, Ellie Holcomb shared Scripture to assure the audience of God's love for them. "The Lord God will fight for you!" she said.
Girl listening
Even the little ones stayed attentive.
Franklin Graham on stage
Franklin Graham preached from Luke 19 on the story of Zacchaeus.
Woman signing
Sign language interpreters are on site at every Franklin Graham event to ensure the Gospel message is understood by all.
Michael W. Smith
Michael W. Smith extends his arms in worship.
Each night, the floor of the Rogers Arena grew so full that counseling took place in the stands.
Young lady in worship
Nearly half of those who responded to Franklin Graham's invitation at the Vancouver Festival were under the age of 18.
The Vancouver Oratoria Society performed shortly before Franklin Graham took the stage, then later sang behind Michael W. Smith's "Agnus Dei."
Leland Klassen
Comedian Leland Klassen loosened up the crowd each night with a few laughs.
Girl smiling
Many came with groups of friends, laughing and singing as praises went out.
Michael W. Smith
As Michael W. Smith sang, many in the crowd joined him in unison, often singing at the top of their lungs.
Connecting on matters of the heart in Vancouver.
Tommy Coomes Band
"My hope is in the Lord, from this time on and evermore," the Tommy Coomes Band prepared the crowd for the Good News.
Men talking
A counselor chats with a young man who walked forward during the invitation. Volunteers take time to answer questions about starting a relationship with Christ and then pray with them.
Group praying
Taking time to seal a special moment. Thank you for praying for the Greater Vancouver Festival of Hope.

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  1. Helena trimble says:

    Wonderful news and so encouraging. Praying these new converts will be nurtured in the Word and fellowship.

  2. Wally Boymook says:

    Keep preaching the word! (Like your Dad!) God bless you as you do in this very decisive year in our history. (I believe we are in the Last days.) Many are praying for you and I will ask our small senior group to join me in this. God Bless & empower you! Pastor Wally

  3. Lynn M. says:

    So blessed by the pictures and comments of the Greater Vancouver Festival! Prayed and am still praying for bountiful blessings on all who turned to Jesus as Savior and Lord and on all of the staff, volunteers, and many musicians and Franklin and family! Praising the LORD JESUS!

  4. Peggy Finch says:

    I am so happy to see the great turnout in Vancouver, Canada. God will continue to bless your ministry. We are praying for all who accepted Christ as there Lord and Savior

  5. Margaret says:

    To.whom it concern,
    It is true this time we experiencing God’s presence in the arena.
    He was there for He himself’ glory sake.

  6. Carmen Mamo clute says:

    I think this is so wonderful. We need this in Detroit and Windsor Ontario Canada just across from Detroit. We also need more Christian like bands with Michael W . Smith

  7. Rogelio Bello says:

    AWESOME How the power of GOD transform lives, I love it

  8. Illene Brooks says:

    Praise God. So thankful for Franklin Graham, and this ministry. Thankful for all who, before Mr. Graham, prepared the hearts of all who were ready to receive CHRIST as Savior. Many years ago, I saw Billy Graham at Boston Garden. At this time I had already accepted CHRIST, at the age of 9 yrs. Billy’s message helped me to grow in the Lord. Bless you all. 🙏

  9. Lisa says:

    Glory to GOD for HE is grace and righteousness for all who will believe and walk HIS way! Thank you Franklin and Billy Graham for your constant love for our GOD in heaven and for HIS son Christ Jesus to whom we owe everything! God bless you and thank you for what you do in the name of our Lord!!
    Lisa Thomas
    Bangor, Maine

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