Newtown School Shooting

By   •   December 18, 2012

A scene from Newtwon, Conn., where a mass school shooting last week has shocked a beautiful little community.
Rapid Response Team chaplains pray with some of the community. Jack Dowling, a retired police officer, has been able to minister to some of the First Responders: "They've never encountered anything of this magnitude in terms of being this bizarre and brutal and large scale as this."
The names of the victims in this senseless violence are displayed on balloons, representing the Sandy Hook Elementary School colors.
The effect of the shooting has permeated the entire Newotown community.
Scripture gives hope to some in Newtown.
Makeshift memorials have been set up around town, featuring candles, notes and other remembrances.
One of the crisis-trained chaplains, Barb Grabowski prays with a woman hurting through the tragedy.
Names of the shooting victims are displayed on an American flag.
Signs of the times are everywhere in Newtown, including local businesses.
More signs expressing condolences.
Leo Grabowski, one of the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains, lends a listening ear.
The Netwown community is binding together.
People of Newtown are more open to prayer than ever as they are left without answers.
More outdoor signage displaying the heartfelt wishes in Newtown.
The residents of Newtown may never forget this date.
Jack and Becca Dowling share hope in Newtown.
All ages are taking time to remember those who lost their life.
Many are taking place in vigils as "Silent Night" of Newtown has taken on a new meaning this time of year.
Flowers, candles and other memorial items are displayed in Newtown.
The town of Newtown coming together in an extremely difficult time.

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