Kendra Graham Inspires Hundreds of Georgia Women Ahead of Will Graham Celebration

By Earl Davidson   •   March 13, 2020

Will Graham's wife, Kendra Graham, led a women's Bible study Thursday ahead of the Tiftarea Celebration with Will Graham in Tifton, Georgia. "I believe there's a great awakening happening," she shared with the women gathered, encouraging them to "get on your knees for your city." March 15 update: In light of the coronavirus outbreak, the Celebration has been postponed. Read more in this press release.
The study was initially planned for a couple hundred women, but after an overwhelming response from 1,300 registrants, was relocated to the UGA-Tifton Campus Conference Center. The event was also broadcast via Facebook Live where hundreds more watched from home.
The upcoming Tiftarea Celebration has gained momentum in past months as local churches get behind the Gospel-centered event, which will feature live music and a message from Will Graham. Read more about how this Celebration has come about.
Kendra Graham works as a labor and delivery nurse, but also serves as a motivational speaker. "I think God has got some things in store for you," she told Thursday's audience. Follow Kendra Graham on Facebook.
Kendra Graham shared about a difficult time in her life when she and Will moved from the capital city of Raleigh, North Carolina, to the mountains in the western part of the state. "I felt like I had lost everything"—community, a support system, everything she'd known. "I found myself in a state of depression, and despair was threatening to suffocate the life out of me."
"I never questioned Will's call in his life, I never did," she went on. "Will is incredible. ... He has a heart for God." At the same time, she said, "In God calling Will out, He got me, too." With a mix of humor and transparency, she said she felt like a BOGO deal; God called Will—the one He wanted—and got Kendra for free. At the beginning, she felt like a tagalong and had lots of questions for God.
During that time, she said, she chose a life verse from Isaiah 49:14: "God has forsaken me, God has forgotten me." She admits it wasn't "chipper," but it was honest. Over time, she realized God was calling her for something greater, too.
Many people have a tendency to hide things they struggle with or are humiliated by, Kendra Graham told the women in the room. But, she cautioned, she's learned from God that "You cannot heal what you refuse to reveal." Until our hurt and shame is brought to God, she said, it can't be healed. He is just as present and just as willing to heal as He's ever been. Turn your life over to Him today.